On this side of the globe January can be cold, dark and pretty miserable! It’s important to keep active, positive and smiling to give your year the best start you can! At mama mio HQ we have music playing loudly on a Monday morning to help us get going, so we thought we’d share some of our favourite motivational tunes to kick-start your January and kick away any sign of the post-Christmas blues!

Plug your speakers or your headphones in, then depending on how far in to your pregnancy you are – dance around the room! If that sounds a little like too much movement, get cosy and make a hot drink, or play it in your car! Let us know your favourite ‘happy’ tunes on social media by tagging @mamamio on Twitter, or @mamamioskincare on Facebook or Instagram and we’ll add your choices on to our mama mio motivational music playlist!

Due to the nature of the time of year, we’ve also put together a little mental health and well-being article, take a peek at it on the mama mio blog!

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