Get Your Dose of Vitamin D

The ‘sunshine’ vitamin is a necessity not only for our skin, but for our immune system and development of our teeth and bones too. Studies show a surprising amount of people are vitamin D deficient, and if you don’t have much exposure to sunlight you could well be one of them.

But do not fear lovelies, there are other wonderful ways to get your dosage of the D as opposed to booking a long haul flight and spending a week on the beach (not that we’d mind, but unfortunately it’s not often as easy as that!). So read on to find out how.

Stock up and cook up

Foods such as tofu, oily fish, mushrooms and egg yolk are full to the brim of with Vitamin D.  There’s never been a better excuse to indulge at breakfast time! Also some fat spreads and cereals can help get you get your dose.

Spray it

Alright, it might sound a bit odd, but there is in fact a Vitamin D oral spray that you can use. Better You’s Daily Vitamin D Oral Spray is not only small enough to throw into your handbag but it delivers a healthy dose of the D with every spray, which strengthens teeth and bones and eases joint pain.

Take a chill pill

If you don’t get enough good old sunshine, and you don’t fancy the thought of spraying something down your throat, then another alternative is in supplement form. They can be bought at most pharmacies and supermarkets, and it’s particularly encouraged for pregnant women to help the development of their baby. We need vitamin D for our skin, so if you tend to stay indoors or cover yourself up with clothes (well, we’d hope so!) even in the sunnier months, then a Vitamin D supplement should definitely be considered.

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