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Upgrade your daily shower with one of our vegan body washes. Mio Skincare's range of body washes will clean, protect and hydrate your skin while the natural feel-good fragrances work to uplift your mood and create an energising aroma. Whether you want a cruelty-free body wash that leaves your skin with a golden shimmer, a sense of full refreshment, or a deep, thorough cleanse, there's something for everyone's skincare needs. Pair your body wash with our body brush and create the ultimate, spa-like cleansing experience in the comforts of your own home. For radiant skin all year round, discover Mio's range of body washes today.

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Why Mio Skincare Body Washes?

Within our range of vegan body washes are the daily shower essentials for everyone. Each one has been made to suit different lifestyles and routines, whether that be a refreshing, post-workout cleanse, a gentle glow-enhancing cleanse or a deep exfoliating cleanse. Mio Skincare's body washes are always cruelty-free, vegan, and designed with every body in mind.