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Liquid Yoga Space Spray

"Before completing each [yoga] move, spritz this blend of lavender, chamomile, cypress, and lemon from Mio Skincare to your pulse points." - as featured in Byrdie.

Our best-selling Liquid Yoga Space Spray instantly brings you to a place of now. Infused with an invigorating blend of essential oils, you can create a refreshing atmosphere and reduce stress.


Heavenly Body Purifying Scrub

97% agreed skin felt exfoliated and soft.

"The quickest way to get dull, dry skin warm-weather shape is with a body scrub" - as featured in People.

Our Heavenly Body Purifying Scrub is the key to combating dry and dull skin. Supercharged with a combination of exfoliating Sea Salt and Almond and Coconut Oills, this feel-good scrub gently and effectively buffs the skin to reselase surface cells leaving skin beautifully bright and restored.


Smooth Move Body Cream

Clinically proven to help your skin look firmer and smooth the appearance of cellulite.

Our best-selling Smooth Move Body Cream is clinically proven to help your skin look firmer and smooth the appearance of cellulite. Supercharged with a Vegan and cruelty-free formula, powered by plant-based actives including Caffeine to firm the skin and improve the appearance of cellulite.


Liquid Yoga Bath Soak

97% agreed the product helped relieve their tired body.

"Formulated with moisturizing essential oils, calming cannabis sativa oil and mineral salts, this liquid-based option is ideal for easing both the mind and body." - Today

Our best-selling Liquid Yoga Bath Soak gives you tranquility on tap for the ultimate wellbeing experience. Refresh your mind, body and soul with a calming and nourishing blend of uplifting essential oils, including calming Cannabis Seed oil, herbs and mineral salts that will leave your skin silky soft and your mind in a state of total relaxation.


Our customers say...

Need to let others know!

This is by far the best anti cellulite product I have ever used! I have often struggled with cellulite and more recently as I got older the skin was also becoming less firm. Within a couple of months of using it daily my skin now looks firm and glowing and cellulite free. It is a revelation.

Best AHA Product I've Used!

I applied this in the evening and woke up with such smooth skin! I've tried other AHA body exfoliants but they usually leave my skin dry or irritated. With this I did not experience any irritation whatsoever, would definitely recommend this product!