Winter Wellness Tips: Your Guide to Winter Wellbeing

There’s something about winter that makes it incredibly tempting to discard of our healthy lifestyles. Between the dark mornings and freezing temperatures, there’s an undeniable desire to gather the selection boxes and hibernate until it’s light past 5pm again. However, while the lie-ins and mulled wines are an instant source of comfort, the sense of winter wellbeing they provide is only a fleeting one. For our winter wellness to thrive, it requires a little more effort and diligence. We’re not talking about rising at the crack of dawn to do a 10K run come rain, sleet, or snow. Instead, we’re talking about making subtle, healthy habits so your overall winter wellbeing isn’t jeopardised during the time of year that can take a bit of a toll on us.

Keep reading for Mio’s winter wellness tips.

How to exercise in the winter

Let’s begin with one of the largest struggles that come with this time of year: how to exercise in the winter.

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Set your incentives and goals

When you’re lacking in motivation, how to exercise in winter can be particularly difficult. To overcome this slump, it’s time to set some goals. There needs to be a clear incentive- why exactly are you exercising? Is it for those happy endorphins? To improve your fitness? To strengthen those arms?

Once you have your reminders of why you’re doing it, set yourself some goals to keep working towards. Sign up for a (mini) marathon to train for or try to complete an exercise challenge. Work towards the next kilometre, the heavier weight or the 100th burpee. Write them down and take a look back over them every time you’re feeling a little on the lazy side.

Try something new

Often, the reason why it’s so difficult to keep up our exercise routines in the winter is that they simply don’t suit the wintery conditions. For example, you might have loved going for morning jogs during the summer. However, with the darkness, cold temperatures, and fear of icy roads, you have come to resent your morning movement. That is why winter is the perfect time to try something new. For example, why not buy a mat and try out some pilates on youtube? Alternatively, you could start a new class in your gym. When the exercise doesn’t suit the conditions- adapt and move.

Get a friend involved

It’s much more difficult to decide last minute that you’d rather watch television when you have others relying on you to show up. Plus, with a friend joining you, the exercise can feel less like a chore and more of a fun activity, as it should be. You can feel more motivated and you can even get more adventurous in the gym, walking confidently up to those intimidating-looking machines.

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How to exercise outside in the winter

Finally, if you wish to brave the wintery conditions, you may be looking for some tips on how to exercise outside in the winter.  For example, you may find that you’re experiencing winter chafing. This is because cold weather with low humidity tends to dry out skin, leaving it more susceptible to rubbing. To avoid this, use the Move Groove Anti-Friction Balm as a protective barrier to prevent rub marks and chafing.

How to eat healthy in the winter

Moving on, it may be cold outside, but that’s no excuse to neglect our nutrition. Knowing how to eat healthy in the winter can help give your immune system the boost it needs to protect you from the coughs and colds circulating at this time of year, thus keeping your winter wellness in tip-top shape.

The key to eating healthy in the winter is to opt for foods that are both comforting and nutritious. Why not try a homemade ramen? Or perhaps some roasted potatoes and veg? For lunch, try making your own soup with leftover vegetables. All of these are toasty, hearty, and make the perfect part of a balanced diet.

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What’s more, during the winter we may get invited to a few more events and soirées than usual. This means finger food and a lot of unsubstantial dinners. When going to an event, try to have your own dinner beforehand to curb your hunger and help you make better decisions as the night evolves.

Finally, don’t deprive yourself of treats. If it tickles your fancy, have the hot chocolate or slice of cake- it’s the festive season after all! Once you know how to eat healthy in the winter for the majority of the time, the occasional treat won’t do any harm.

Self-care in the winter

For our final winter wellness tip, we have self-care. Self-care in the winter is all about hydrating your body, slowing down, and of course, taking baths.

Uplift your body and mind with some ‘me time’ and the Go With The Flow body oil. Take some time in the evenings to massage in this refreshing dry body oil and breathe in the sensual essential oils to infuse the skin with hydration and soothe the mind.

Spritz the Liquid Yoga Aromatherapy Space Spray to release a blissful blend of uplifting essential oils into your room. Take a moment to ignite your senses and pair it with some stretches to loosen out your body after a long day.

Finally, have a bath. Pour in the Liquid Yoga Body Relaxing Bath Soak to enhance the experience and give your body time to cozy up.

With these winter wellness tips, those dark mornings and freezing temps can become a little easier on the soul. With movement, nourishment, and time for yourself, you won’t be surviving this winter period, but thriving in it.

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