Healthy Living: 5 Ways With Turmeric

The ‘sunshine spice’ is certainly enjoying something of a renaissance. It’s graced the pages of some of the worlds healthiest instagrams, and is a somewhat bait for all cookery lovers! Not only can it be used in food, but there’s a few other tricks we have up our sleeves for the mighty turmeric. So have a look at our 5 ways to healthy living with turmeric.


Full of antioxidants, turmeric is amazing for anti-ageing. Its anti-inflammatory properties mean it’s the real deal when it comes to helping rosacea, acne, eczma and sunburn, to name a few! It can be mixed with an oil for application and can be already found in some skincare products!

Muscle relief

The anti-inflammatory properties work wonders for a post gym soother. It can also be known to speed up the healing process and decrease swelling.


There’s nothing that solves a problem better than a brew. And now with turmeric tea available to buy, we get the health benefits as well as a lovely cuppa! It detoxifies our liver and supports our immune and digestive systems.


Sprinkle some on your morning porridge if you’re not too keen on the taste. It’ll give your porridge a slight punch, but you’ll hardly know it’s in there, and you’re still reaping the nutritional benefits! Plus, if porridge is part of your morning routine you’ll be having turmeric every day, and you’ll soon see the difference in your skin, hair and health.


Put down the jagerbomb! Instead, juice some turmeric and shot it in the morning, hardcore, we know! It’ll make you cringe but trust us, it will protect and keep your immune system strong, and is a fabulous preventative of hay fever! Top tip: freeze it and put into your morning glass of water instead of normal ice cubes, it’ll give you and your water that extra kick!

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