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Mio Strong Women: Meg Mathews

Meg is currently focusing on her Meg’s Menopause product launch which is already available in Superdrug and is shortly launching in Boots and on her website. She is focused on fighting for spaces where women can feel comfortable when experiencing menopausal symptoms, is passionate about widening the conversation about menopause in the workplace and is fighting the stigma associated with the menopause.

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My night sweats really WERE a nightmare. I had tried @become_tm Anti-flush vests before and was so happy with the results. So, when I found out they were coming out with new anti-flush leggings, I had to try them out. What makes Become so unique is that they have this Anti-flush technology which means that the fabric stays cool and light against your skin, while also taking in all that heat and moisture from your skin. This maintains your body’s temperature, letting it become more stable day and night. Now what I like the most about these leggings is they fit my body really well. These leggings sculpt my thighs and bum (which is always a plus 😉) and they feel nice and silky on my skin. What I always hate about egging are those horrible lines I get afterwards. I really appreciate how these are seam-free and don’t roll down my waist. It makes it easier when I’m taking the dogs out for a walk, or even if I’m just lounging at home. 💋 #ad

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One of the biggest female inspirations for me would be Doreen Lawrence. When you imagine the pain and suffering this woman has gone through in her life. She spent 18 years fighting for justice for her son. As a woman and as a mother, I couldn’t even begin to imagine how challenging this would have been for her, but instead of giving up, she’s created something very powerful with her pain. She’s bringing up hard conversations that we as a society aren’t comfortable talking about and is giving people a platform to have a voice. I know menopause is a completely different topic from this and what I’m doing is probably a small drop in the ocean in comparison to what Doreen is doing, but I want to be able to make something positive come from my horrible experience with the menopause. All the symptoms, mental health issues, even heartbreak.

“I don’t want any other women to go through what I did alone.”

This is what MegsMenopause represents. It’s an inclusive platform where women of all ages and walks of life can come together and have an honest conversation, hopefully finding a community they feel part of.

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