Join in the month of love with #ilovemio!

February is the month of love and we’re sure you’ll be telling partners, friends and family what you love about them – but we wanted to look at valentines a little differently this year. You could WIN a £100/$150 voucher by simply letting us know what you love about yourself! Head over to our mama mio or mio Facebook, Twitter or Instagram account and get in touch using #ilovemio!

Did you know mio means ‘for me’ in Italian? We thought it’d be nice to spend some time thinking about you, and what you love about yourself too. We hope it encourages women to compliment themselves and think positively about themselves, rather than always aspiring to look, act or be like anybody else. Embrace what you love, and share it with us using #ilovemio!

We teamed up with Liza from, who is a few months pregnant and Sarah from, who are joining in our campaign this February, to tell us what they appreciate about their personalities and bodies too! Be inspired by what they say, and be an inspiration to others around you!

Why we love mio

mio and mama mio products are made with lots of love and care, to ensure you feel fabulous and body confident whether you’re running a marathon, or going through your first pregnancy. Our selection of exercise gels, body butters and bath soaks are made by women, for women to help you love the skin you’re in.


Join in and share something that you love about yourself using “#ILOVEMIO because…”on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, and we’ll award someone extra special and inspiring with a hamper of feel-good mio and mama mio treats.



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