Top 5 Beauty Tips For The Shower

The feeling  you get after stepping out of a hot shower is one that’s hard to beat. So follow our top 5 beauty tips for the shower to ensure you step out feeling extra fabulous!

Brush it out

Dry skin brushing is something you should really get into the habit of, it renews your skin by removing dead skin cells and really stimulates circulation and blood flow. Try the mio skincare Body Brush (£14.50) and start from your feet up to your neck in circular motions, you’ll be glowing in no time!

Go soap free

Soap suds tend to strip your skin of its natural oils which can lead to it feeling tight, dry and itchy. So, try and find a soap-free body wash, they’re gentle but effective. mio skincare Quickstart Exhilirating Shower Gel (£18.50) is sodium laureth sulphate free so it contains no harsh chemicals and won’t harm your lovely skin.

Don’t over scrub

Exfoliate only once or twice weekly as it can really dry your skin out. Make sure on the days you exfoliate you put an extra dosage of moisturiser on afterwards to keep hydrated from the outside.

A touch of frost

Before you get out the shower, blast yourself with cold water. It’ll give you a shock, but if you’re feeling lethargic this’ll be sure to wake you up. It’ll also get your blood pumping ready to take on the day! Cold water seals the cuticles of your hair so it’ll give your locks an extra shine, too. Avoid using very hot water at all when you shower as it strips your skin of its natural oils.

De-fuzz at the end

We’ve all suffered from next day shaving issues, you end up coming out the shower looking like you’ve been in a fight, so be sure to get the closest shave that’ll last by waiting at least five minutes before you get your razor out. Your pores need a chance to open up and it’ll also mean your hair’s softened for an easier removal. You’ll be smoother than a baby’s bottom!

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