10 Best At-Home Booty Workouts To Boost Your Feel-Great

Although it might be great for your career, sitting at a desk all day isn’t so great for your booty. So, we have put together a list of our top 10 at-home booty workouts to help tone, firm and sculpt your butt to give you a boost of feel-great and the peachiest cheeks ever. 

All you need is a mat, a resistance band and some weights (soup cans will do), and you’ll be ready to kick some butt and tackle these booty workouts with full force! 

So, turn up the music loud with our ‘Songs To Shake Your Booty To’ playlist and prepare to get your booty poppin’ with these killer booty workouts… 

1. The Pre Booty Workout

As these muscles haven’t been used in a while, it’s important to make sure that you warm your booty up before jumping into any booty workouts to prevent unwanted injuries. This 5-minute booty pre workout routine by Hanna Öberg will warm-up and activate your cheeks so that you can get the most out of your workout! 

2. The How To Build Glutes For Beginners Workout

If you’re a newbie to the workout scene, this 12-minute butt workout by getfitbyivana will gently ease you in to your booty workout routine at home. It includes 10 booty-building exercises that will help lift, firm and tone your butt in just 3 short weeks! 

3. The Side Booty Workout 

Looking for a super-speedy side booty workoutThen Blogilates 10-minute side booty shaper is the one for you. This quick, intense workout will definitely have you feeling the burn. There’s no equipment needed, making this the perfect booty workout for beginners. 

4. The Booty And Hip Workout 

If you want to tone your booty and hips in one speedy workout, look no further than Chloe Ting’s quick Hips and Butt workout. This booty burner will set your cheeks on fire and contains a combination of booty and hip-growing exercises that you can do with or without resistance bands. Get ready to sweat, kick and squeeze your way to a rounder tush.  

5. The Glute Bridge Booty Workout 

Are you finding that you never have the time for booty workouts? Well, this 6-minute booty workout from Lauren Boggi is so quick that its over before its even begun! It includes a variation of simple glute-bridge, booty-building exercises to help sculpt, firm and lift your derriere.  

6. The Abs And Booty Workout 

If you’re looking to tone your abs as well as your booty, this 2-in 1 15-minute abs and booty routine from Madfit contains a bunch of different exercises, that promise a more defined core and a perkier booty.  

7. The Barbell Booty Workout 

Wat to turn your workout up a notch? Then try this kettlebell legs and booty HIIT workout from Joe Wicks AKA The Body Coach. This 20-minute workout includes 10 different exercises that will set your booty, thighs and quads on fire. This is a sweaty one, so make sure you have a towel and some water nearby! 

8. The Booty Workout Plan 

If you’re already a pro in the booty workout world or you fancy a challenge, this killer workout plan by Lilly Sabri promises a rounder booty in just 14 days! It includes 20 minutes of squats, lunges and pulses that will leave you (and your cheeks) feeling super energised!

9. The Best Booty Lifting Workout 

If you want to achieve a lifted, perkier butt then don’t forget to target your under-booty area! This booty workout by Vicky Justiz aims to lift the area beneath your cheeks for a more lifted and toned looking booty in no time! 

10. The Bedtime Booty Workout 

We don’t suggest that you work up a sweat before bed, as this could prevent you from catching those precious eight hours of blissful sleep. But, this quick and gentle 3-minute bedtime booty workout is perfect if you’ve had a busy day and want to work off a little steam. 

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