#ilovemio – The mio community share why they love themselves!

Thank you to everyone that entered the #ilovemio campaign over the course of February! We were blown away by the responses from the mio community sharing why you loved yourselves. In fact your responses were so inspiring that we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to share some of the fabulous reasons why you love yourselves on our blog!

Get ready to inspired!

Our #girlsboss’: 

“#ilovemio because I know I’m capable of conquering anything I set my mind to. WILL POWER!” – Romula

“I love that I’m not a quitter – no matter how hard I’m hit and I may stumble, I will still get up and turn things around. That’s what builds your mental strength and in the process you learn some amazing lessons. I love wisdom more than anything and that makes a person beautiful from the inside” – Georgina

“#ilovemio because you should always be yourself – retain individuality!” – MG


Our ‘positive vibes only’ friends:

“#ilovemio because of the many times I should have given up but chose to live life more” – Athena

“I love that I am a glass half full type of person.” – Eilis

“I love myself for achieving my black belt in Tae Kwon do!” – Fiona

I love my crows feet as it shows I’ve done a lot of smiling for my 41 years” – Kathryn


Responses from some of our lovely mama mio mums:

“I am absolutely in love with #mamamio products! After two babies I have zero stretch marks because I used the Tummy Rub Butter. People would tell me that stretch marks are hereditary and that’s simply not true! Shoot, I got stretch marks in seventh grade on my hips from growing. I wish I had this product then! Now I get to share my love and passion for this product with my sister, sister in law, best friends, and friends all prefnant and due in the next couple of months!” – Keri

“#ilovemio because I’m capable of achieving my goals no matter how hard they get! And #ilovemio for being capable of loving my new mommy body after having a kid! #woman power” – Stephanie

“#ilovemio because after three c-sections I’m stronger than I ever was before, physically and on the inside as well. And my skin is catching up with mama mio’s help” – M.J.

“I love how amazing my body is, it’s growing a human being inside of it and mio skincare has been there since day one #nostretchmarks” – Amanda

“I love that I can always make my toddler laugh, even when he’s throwing a hissy fit cause he’s a diva”! – Laura


Our mio movers and shakers!

“#ilovemio because I ask a lot of my body, and it always delivers” – Sarah

“#Ilovemio as I pushed myself last year to achieve new limits for charity. This year I’m taking on the Atlas mountains” – Sharon

“#ilove mio because I’ve kept on cycling to work even during the winter” – Lucy


Our smooth skinned friends:

I love the new me I have become after challenging times, loving my Liquid Yoga chill out times and my Workout Wonder! I love mio again!” – Julia

“#ilovemio because the Activist oil ensure my skin looks its best for my 53 years and I feel confident to go out and support carers of people with dementia in my role as an Admiral nurse. Lots of tears but lots of laughter and hugs too” – Nichola

“#ilovemio because my skin feels so soft and supple after using the Activist firming active body oil after a tough workout. Using the oil after showering makes the workout so much more worth it!” – Sarah


Whilst we loved reading all your responses, we could only pick two winners this time. Congratulations to Gemma & Maria for winning a £100/$150 mio voucher!


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