#miomarch 10,000 steps challenge

10,000 steps …

That’s the number of steps that many health professionals recommend the average person should take as a minimum daily fitness goal.

Being the confident beings we are, the mio team thought 10,000 steps a day sounded easy until we put on a pedometer and realised we were only getting around 3-4k steps a day.

Whilst our brains may be active during the day at work, our legs certainly aren’t getting the same type of workout! It seems that there are a myriad of things that can get in the way of our fitness goals. The common complaints from the mio team are, “We’re too busy”, “We’re too tired to exercise after work”, “It’s too cold to get up in the morning”… The list goes on!

Well no more excuses! Spring has sprung at mio and with longer daylight hours and warmer weather, we’re excited to get outside and get moving again!


Let’s get the #miomarch started!

To spur us on with our spring fitness goals, the mio team want to challenge you to take 10,000 steps every day of March 2016 as part of our #miomarch campaign.

How do I possibly fit in 10,000 steps every day you ask?
The mio team have put together some of their top tips to get more steps in your day here. They’re so easy and you can get started on your quest to achieve 10,000 steps today!

Of course, it’s much easier to stay accountable when you share your results with others, so why don’t you get some of your friends or work colleagues to join in the #miomarch too? The mioteam are joining in and will be sharing our results with you throughout the month (good and bad!).


We look forward to seeing you walking around! Don’t forget to use the hastag #miomarch to share pictures of your pedometer readings and the extra walks you are taking so we can share them and motivate each other to get our legs moving!

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