Celebrate Treat Yo Self Day With Us!

Here at Mio, we thoroughly believe in treating yourself. Whether it’s for your birth week, a promotion, or simply making it to Friday, each one of us deserves to be treated. Plus, how can you expect someone else to spoil you if you can’t spoil yourself? Therefore, as you can imagine, we have welcomed the concept of ‘Treat Yo Self Day’ with open arms. That’s right, an annual day every October 13th has been created to bless us with the perfect excuse to indulge in self care and self love for no real reason at all.

Here’s all you need to know about this year’s Treat Yo Self Day and how we, at Mio, will be partaking.

What is Treat Yo Self Day?

So, what is Treat Yo Self Day and where did it come from? We have the American sitcom ‘Parks and Recreation‘ to thank. In a particular episode in the fourth series of the programme, one of the main characters, Tom, iconically introduces the day of spoiling yourself that falls on October 13th:

“Once a year, Donna and I spend a day treating ourselves. What do we treat ourselves to? Clothes. Treat yourself. Fragrances. Massages. Treat yourself. Mimosas. Fine leather goods…It’s the best day of the year.”

So this October 13th, take a leaf out of Donna and Tom’s book. Life is simply too short to miss out on an opportunity to treat yo self.

Our Team’s Favourite Way To Treat Themselves

For the day that’s in it, we’ve gathered a few members of our team to find out how they like to treat themselves.


ellie mio

“The Muscle Motivator Cooling Gel is my favourite post-gym essential. It really soothes my muscles and helps prolong my post-workout buzz!”


jess mio

“I feel powerful and my skin feels smooth and radiant after using the Golden Hour Body Moisturiser.”


lauren mio

“My fave Mio product at the moment has to be the Liquid Yoga Bath Soak. It makes my skin so soft and is perfect for a cozy Sunday evening.”


isaan mio

“I love detoxing my skin in the evening. That’s why I love the Clay Away Detoxifying Body Cleanser. It’s rich in nourishing ingredients and amazing as a body mask.”


charlotte mio

The Solar Power Illuminating Sugar Body Scrub leaves your skin feeling moisturised and silky-smooth. Nowadays, it’s not just a way I treat myself, but has become a key product in my routine.”

So why not let this year’s Treat Yo Self day inspire you to create your own special day for yourself on a regular basis? That way you don’t have to wait an entire year for it to come around. Let’s take a look at some ways that you can bring ‘Treating Yo Self‘ into your weekly life, with Mio.

Treat Yoself To Self Care Sundays

You have the power to make your own Treat Yo Self day a weekly occurrence! For example, why not indulge in a self care Sunday? Marking the end of the week with a self care Sunday is the perfect way to set you up for a jam-packed Monday. Plus, treating yourself doesn’t always have to mean splurging out on expensive days out and gifts for yourself. It could simply mean putting some time aside to give your skin some TLC and a detoxifying treatment. Failing that, why not spend an evening sinking into a warm, aromatic bath.

Treat Yoself to an At-Home Massage

As mentioned, you don’t need to splurge to treat yoself. For example, a massage is a luxury that many leave for special occasions. However, there’s no need to limit the benefits of a massage to an occasional treat for your body. You can, in fact, be your own, personal masseuse. The only requirements are a massage oil, your hands, and the right technique! Mio’s Go With The Flow Calming Body Oil is supercharged with Almond Oil to help moisturise skin and Cannabis Oil to soothe the senses. Meanwhile, the fragrant notes of Peppermint, Lavender, and Eucalyptus channel aromatic powers to soothe and comfort busy minds for that ultra zen experience. To learn how to master an at-home massage for a blissful body experience at the click of your fingers, take a look at our guide on How To Do an At-Home Massage

Treat Yoself to Endorphins

Finally, treat yoself to those instant, feel good chemicals. Otherwise known as endorphins, this mood-bosting chemical can be released as a result of moderate to vigorous intensity exercise. We’re not talking about hours of running and gym time either. According to Healthline, as little as 20–30 minutes each day can help boost your endorphin levels. Post-exercise, soothe your muscles and mind with the Muscle Motivator Cooling Gel.

So whether it’s marking the start of your self care Sundays, or immersing yourself in a day of self-indulgence, take advantage of this October 13th and treat yoself!

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