5 Motivational Workout Tips

Written by Nina Chin

With the days getting shorter, colder and darker, there’s nothing more us millenials love to do than snuggle up on the sofa with a nice cup of tea and our favourite boxset.

When you work full time, having to commute, trying to fit in your social life and the gym, it can be a tad overwhelming at times.

What you’ve got to remember though is that fitting in your work- out routine should never be considered a chore, it should be a priority.

In today’s blog post we’d like to share 5 simple workout tips with you. And who doesn’t love a good old list with tips, we know we do.

Pack your gym bag 

It almost seems redundant to even mention it BUT think about the following scenario:

You come home late from work, haven’t had your dinner, it is dark outside and the thought of going through your wardrobe to pick out your active wear just doesn’t seem appealing when you could just stretch out on the sofa.

Therefore, packing your gym bag the night before and bringing it to work is a must. Subconsciously your mind is already set on going to the gym after work and you won’t be tempted to stay inside your four walls.

Prepare your dinner

The last thing you want to do is start cooking your dinner after a workout session. What you want to do is come home, eat your already precooked meal and have a shower.

Pre-workout essentials

Whether you’re a cardio or a ‘girl-who-lifts’ kinda person, you should get a pre-workout in you to boost your strength. My favourite is the Myprotein Peach Tea.

Have your training plan with you

A lot of us underestimate the power of making and having an actual workout plan. You don’t want to turn up to your already packed gym and walk around without having a clue what to do next or maybe even forget a certain routine. You set yourself goals and therefore need a plan. Remember to re-evaluate your plan every 4 weeks and write down any achievements you’ve made.

Post-workout skincare routine

This might sound silly but lately I’ve been creating a spa-like atmosphere in my flat. Listening to meditative music, lighting candles and making use of new skincare products such as the mio skincare Future Proof Body Butter. It does the trick, believe me. Don’t forget to treat your muscles with the mio skincare Workout Wonder Ball to prevent any muscle soreness.

What are your workout tips? Why not share them with us on our social media channels and tag us.

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