Can’t Sleep? 

Say hello to your new best friend, Mio’s Sleep Better kit – a better night’s sleep is right around the corner.

When you can’t sleep, everything becomes harder, the days become longer and your skin can take a turn for the worse too! We all know the stresses of daily life can affect our sleep, so here at Mio we have developed the Sleep Better Kit so you can now drift off peacefully.

The kit which is made up of our intensely calming Liquid Yoga Bath Soak and Liquid Yoga Space Spray is jam-packed with incredible aroma-chology to release stress and help you unwind.

Imagine Zen in a bottle and that’s exactly what our Liquid Yoga Space Spray is! A single spritz of this calming spray is an instant mood changer and will help to de-stress, quieten and re-balance. Spray on a pillow, your clothes or even your pressure point and let yourself drift away.

Mio Sleep Better Kit

Can’t Sleep?? Here’s 5 Ways to Help!

If you’re a Thinker

When your mind is on overdrive, your body can’t rest. Ticking things over isn’t the best solution for your mental health. So to avoid these sleepless nights, get a diary and write down each task that you need to do. Take things a step further and write a possible solution too! Hopefully your mind will begin to wander and you’ll start to drift away.

Hate the Mornings?

It’s a vicious circle. You can’t sleep at night, so you wake up later in the morning. We’ve all been there, especially through those teenage years, but this can significantly affect your bedtime routine. And that’s it; a routine is exactly what you need. Only the right routine…

Drag yourself out of bed by 8am and force yourself in the shower! That way when it’s time to hop back into bed, your body will be ready to sleep.


It seems obvious but cutting down your caffeine consumption will dramatically improve the chances of a peaceful night’s sleep. If you really can’t resist the temptation, drink it first thing in the morning! 12pm onwards chamomile tea is a tasty alternative!

Wind Down

Remember having a bath before bed when you were young? Why not bring that back into your life! Our Liquid Yoga is the perfect remedy to ease muscles and anxiety. With calming ingredients such as lavender and chamomile, Liquid Yoga will relieve any aches and pains.

Paired with our Liquid Yoga spray in our Sleep Better Kit, you really are setting yourself up for a restful and natural sleep.


A good book will allow your mind to focus on something other than daily life. Why not surround yourself with fictional characters, and let those images drift into dreams. A couple of chapters before you turn off the light will let you connect with your imagination.


If all else fails, count sheep and bore yourself to bed!

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