Staying fit during your summer vacation…

Now that summer has arrived, at least calendar-wise, that vacation you have been so excited about is probably just around the corner. If you’ve gotten on it with your pre-holiday gym routine, you won’t want to let it go to waste once you’ve made it to your destination. Here’s our top tips for staying fit WHILST you’re on holiday…

Breakfast Restraint…

Hotel breakfast buffets are heaven, we know. However, to keep in top shape and prevent the dreaded bloat and sluggishness, limit your trips to the buffet.
Go for all those heavenly treats once, enjoy them, and then move on to fruits and yoghurt afterwards if you are not satisfied yet. The latter combination will be just as sweet, and will fill you up till lunch.

Take a swim

Who doesn’t love that splash in the pool in burning heat? How about you extend that splash to a quick round of swimming? A 130-pound person swimming freestyle for one hour will burn 400+ calories swimming leisurely. Split that hour into a couple sessions a day to burn off those ice cream calories.

 Beach Activities

Lying at the beach with a great book and your favourite music to relax is definitely a good thing, but why not mix up your beach day with a few activities that are more on the active side?
There are always the classics like beach ball and volleyball, but over the years some creative minds have come up with some really cool and challenging new things to do with sandy feet, stand-up paddling being one of them. For us non-pro surfers the surfboard has finally found a new purpose (besides being the sexiest accessory ever): stand on it and paddle your way through the ocean. Sounds easy, right? It isn’t! Holding the balance while paddling AND being shaken up by the waves presents to be a real challenge, but super fun.
Side benefit: Use this this as an opportunity to work on your tan. Of course always make sure to wear sun protection!

 Long Beach Walks

The seaside is scientifically proven to have a healing effect on the brain, and as does walking – making it the perfect combo! Either take some time alone and walk along the beach, take your bestie to talk without any other listeners, or take your better half for some one-on-one time: a beach walk is the perfect opportunity to get those steps in.

 Use that Hotel Gym

The gym on vacation? A disturbing thought to some people. However, hotel gyms are not to be underestimated! Depending on the hotel you’re staying in the gym can be better equipped than most gyms in your home town. Added bonus: vacation hotel gyms often even have a spa included.

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