The yoga headstand is the holy grail of yoga poses, and its benefits are myriad, as any yogi will happily tell you. An inversion pose (because your head is below your heart), headstands are certainly challenging to get into, but once you do, you’ll unlock the door to so many emotional and physical benefits – it’s definitely a rewarding pose to master! There are also some amazing beauty benefits from conquering the yoga headstand – some even refer to the pose as the fountain of youth because of its age-defying effects!

Keep reading below for four reasons why you should master the yoga headstand today! And if you haven’t yet gotten upside-down, be patient because it takes a little practice

Get Glowing

Getting inverted flushes fresh oxygen and nutrient-filled blood directly to your face, leaving you with a completely natural and healthy glow. No amount of blush or make-up can rival the radiant glow you get after a yoga headstand!

Slow Time Down

Standing upright nearly our entire lives, it’s no wonder that eventually everything starts to head south – it’s the natural law of gravity! However, there are things you can do to counteract its effect. Some swear that headstands provide a natural alternative to a face lift – they have long been a beauty secret of legendary beauties such as Marilyn Monroe and Greta Garbo, who both swore by the youth-preserving benefits of yoga way ahead of their time.

Get Gorgeous Gains

Getting upside down is particularly beneficial for your lower body, particularly since the fluids in your body tend to pool in your legs and feet (thank you gravity, once again). Considering over 50% of your body weight is water, that’s a lot of fluid! But inverting enables these fluids to flush throughout the rest of the body, activating lymphatic drainage and detoxification, and may help to improve circulation.

Be More Positive

When you get into a headstand, you literally change your point of view – your world is upside down! The rush of blood to your head has a naturally calming effect, and cleanses your adrenal glands, combating depression and leaving you more positive. Coupled with the rush of endorphins you get from conquering this pose, it’s almost impossible not to feel happier and more positive. And in the words of Audrey Hepburn, “Happy girls are the prettiest”.

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