mio skincare Workout Wonder Ball Launch

You might have seen that the mio family has recently expanded – we’ve just launched our brand new fabulously handy and amazingly effective Workout Wonder Ball!

The Workout Wonder Ball is a little addition to the already existing Workout Wonder range, which is designed for you to pop in your gym bag and target specific aches on the go! Think of it as having a personal masseuse in your bag!

The rollerball is designed to let you massage any small areas where you’re feeling a little tense, such as hard-working legs, achy upper backs and tight necks and shoulders.

It’s different to the original Workout Wonder because it contains more than double menthol and V-tonic, and it also contains ginger and yerba mate extracts to re-energize the skin and restore the muscles. Roll on this wonderful product and then let the intense icy-heat work its mio magic!

To celebrate the arrival of our Workout Wonderball, mio collaborated with Xtend Barre at its newly launched, flagship studio in Marylebone to see what everyone thought of the incredible pocket rocket product (if we may say so ourselves!)


To start the morning, Xtend Barre London founder, Catie Miller put the girls through their paces with the Pilates and dance amplified workout. The workout itself is a mix between dance, ballet and Pilates, and although it’s only new in the UK, it’s been launched in Florida for the last nine years. The workout is super popular with celebrities such as Margot Robbie, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Candice Swanepoel and we can see why! Not only does it strengthen and tone your body but it also leans and lenghtens and makes you feel ah-mazing!


Post workout, the lovely team at Wild Alchemy food served us up some delicious kefir lime smoothies and granola to refuel. Not only were these super  tasty but did you know that kefir lime is great to detoxify the blood, improve digestion, boost skin health and aid the immune system? We’re gonna have to get us some more of that!


After the class, everyone used the Workout Wonder Ball to help soothe and relax their muscles to help avoid any aches and pains the following day. Gabrielle Dyer, Beauty Writer for LOOK Magazine said:

‘I like to exercise a couple of times a week, it keeps my body and mind in check and I always feel better afterwards. Xtend Barre is definitely one of my favourite workouts to do, and the Workout Wonder Ball helped ease my aching muscles post workout! I even tried it the following morning as I was still a bit achey, and it made me feel so much more normal than I usually do the day after working out. Its a perfect little pocket rocket and a necessity for my gym bag.’

Catie Miller, Founder Xtend Barre London said:

‘The mio Workout Wonder Ball packs a powerful punch! As an instructor I am constantly searching for ways to relieve tired muscles between classes and at the end of the day so the Workout Wonder Ball is a staple in my gym bag. I roll it over my neck, shoulders and any areas that need a concentrated release. What a product!’

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