Happy Birthday to us! That’s right it’s TEN years since we launched our company and since then we have gone from strength to strength. So to celebrate, alongside our birthday bundles, we will be posting on our blog to motivate all the lovely ladies out there – starting with our top 10 gym hacks

The playlist

Our first gym hack, happens before you even step foot in the gym! Why not make your playlists as long as each workout! Take it a step further and customise your music to your workout. That way, you can use your favourite songs as motivation to get through that one machine you love to hate!

The Gym Bag

Always keep a packed gym bag in the car. That way, when you have that urge to hit the gym you are ready and raring to go! Why not throw in our Strong is the New Skinny Kit – it’s the perfect size to fit in any bag!

Feel a blister?

Cover it with duct tape – QUICK! It cushions the blister and it won’t peel off, which is particularly helpful when you’re coming up to 5k on the treadmill!

Workout Wonder

Looking for the perfect product to assist your workout? This cooling muscle motivator is perfect for before and after the gym! Massage one or two pumps into troublesome spots and feel the cooling sensation take over.

Keep it Short

Ever tried HIIT? High Intensity Interval Training is the latest fad and only takes around 20 minutes for a whole body workout, but be prepared to go hard, or go home!


mio yoga fit kit

Magnesium is an amazingly effective traditional remedy for sore muscles. You’ll find this in our Liquid Yoga Restorative Bath Soak! Haven’t tried it yet? Why not treat yourself and buy one of our favourite Birthday Bundles – The Yoga Fit Kit! Inside you’ll find our Liquid Yoga Bath Soak and our NEW Liquid Yoga Space Spray! Minus 10% then add a free Mio Gym Bag and you have the perfect birthday treat!

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No Time for a Shower? No Worries!

With the aid of Mio Clean Slate Swipes, your gym session can be wiped away instantly. These biodegradable and even compostable wipes are strong enough for your under arms, but gentle enough for your face! This perfect gym bag must-have will banish BO for good!


Why not apply a deep conditioning treatment on your hair before you work out? It’s the perfect gym hack for those who don’t have much space time! Two birds, one stone – just remember to wash your hair after!

Festivity Fit Kit

This is the ultimate kit to boost your skin and prep your muscles! With The A Cream, Boob Tube, Liquid Yoga, and our Workout Wonder, there is no better way to intensely motivate your skin. And just to say a huge THANK YOU for the support over the last 10 years (that’s right, we can’t believe it either) we have thrown in an exclusive Mio Gym Bag and 10% off this fabulous birthday bundle.

US customer? Get your Festivity Fit Kit from our US site!

mio festivity kit


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