How To Relax With Mio

After a long, stressful day at work it can be all too tempting to collapse in a heap on your bed and to not move until the following morning. As ideal as it sounds to have a mammoth 12 hour sleep session you’ll feel all the more relaxed and revitalised if you put aside some time for yourself and do something for you. Reaching for a glass of wine, lighting a candle, thumbing through a good book and running to shake off thoughts and clear your mind are all firm favourites for a bit of ‘me’ time but for us, relaxation is all about pampering.

Running a hot bath is therapeutic in itself; dimming the lights, letting the water run between your fingers, oh you can just imaging plunging into the warm water. Liquid Yoga is the perfect accompaniment in your bath and works as your personal masseuse in a bottle. The delicious scent of spearmint, cypress, lavender, mandarin and chamomile essential oils whisks you away to your very own spa retreat while creating a sense of ambience with their combined calming fragrance.

Epsom Salts soothe tired muscles and the presence of Murumuru Butter in Liquid Yoga leaves you feeling suitably moisturised even after you’ve dried off from your bath thanks to its mega-moisturising properties.

While you’ll be spending some time in the tub, make the most of this occasion and indulge in some time-costly beauty treatments. Pop on your favourite face mask or take full advantage of your steamy bathroom to get the most from a hair mask. The steam from the running hot water helps your chosen hair mask penetrate your hair’s cuticles take in as much goodness as possible.

And those other relaxing pastimes we mentioned before? The wine, the soft flickering candle, the good book? There’s no reason you can’t incorporate all of these into your relaxing bath along with having a good soak. Just half an hour in the tub with all the right components can make you feel like a new woman.

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