Stress Awareness Month: Ways To Reduce Stress

Stress Awareness Month

In honour of Stress Awareness Month, we’re taking a look at some super easy ways to reduce stress. It seems the norm these days that we’re all always busy, on our smart phone or unwilling to take some time out. However, sometimes taking a step back and allowing yourself to not be busy for a moment is much more important than anything else. So we’ve put together some advice on how to de-stress and allow yourself a moment to relax your mind.

Laugh until you cry


Laughing is just as important as a healthy diet and exercise routine when it comes to ways to reduce stress. It is scientifically proven to release endorphins, a feel-good brain chemical. So be sure to do things you enjoy, surround yourself with people you love, and allow yourself to relax and simply have fun! Don’t spend time with people who bring you down or create a negative vibe, remember it’s your health and it’s your priority. You’ll feel so much better for it, we promise!

Wind down

Allow yourself some time every evening to wind down. We all need some alone time to do something we enjoy and take a break from the world. So we suggest you put your phone on charge in the kitchen to avoid temptation, pour yourself a bath with our Liquid Yoga Bath Soak. Read a book, or simply close your eyes and bask in the moment of your own mind and body. Take some deep breaths in and out to steady your heart and allow your mind to wander. Pamper your skin after your bath with our Future Proof Body Butter to nourish and moisturise, then spray one spritz of Liquid Yoga Space Spray onto your pillow to aid your sleep.

Eat your medicine


What you put on your plate is a much more powerful medicine than anything at the back of your bathroom cabinet. You should treat every visit to your supermarket like a visit to your pharmacy and buy fresh, whole grains, lots of fruit and veg and try to cook as much as you can yourself, as opposed to ready-made heat up meals. Trying to avoid refined sugar will benefit your body in more ways than you can imagine. It’s so easy to pick the most convenient option in our frantic lives, but our health is our wealth, so keeping a healthy balanced diet is super important for our wellbeing.


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