Although winter is a magical time, it can cause havoc for your skin!

If you’re suffering from dry skin in winter, you’re not alone! From a brisk chill outside, into the warmth of the heating inside, skin can quickly dry out. This exposure to extreme temperatures on a daily basis can cause skin to become flaky and cracked, but don’t fear; here at Mio we have the perfect solution for you!

There’s no reason to hide skin under layers of clothes, because with a Mio moisturising routine, you can combat dry skin in winter to reveal supple, strong skin all year long.

Our Moisturising Miracles range is jam-packed with Omegas and nutrients to revitalise and refresh skin, whatever the weather. These unique formulas lock in essential moisture so you can kiss dry skin in winter goodbye. Our aim is to cover every single inch of your body in nourishing ingredients that will improve resilience and intensely hydrate. All you have to do is choose a texture you LOVE!

Future Proof Body Butter

If you love a thick butter, but hate the sickly sweet scent found in many body butters, then this is the perfect product for you!

The Activist Body Oil

Perfect straight after a warm shower, this non-greasy, non-sticky, fast absorbing body oil sinks in super quick and won’t stain your clothes!

The A Cream

This light, but rich formula is perfect for those who don’t like the thickness and weight of a body butter. The A Cream will create a soothing shield to combat dry skin in winter.

Megamama Super-rich Body Lotion

Megamama is the ultimate moisturising formula from Mama Mio. Pamper skin that is give, give, giving in every single way! With luxurious and safe ingredients skin will be left nourished and refreshed.

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What Our Favourite Bloggers Think!

Becki from Miss Wheezy on The Activist

‘It’s not greasy, sinks into the skin quickly and smells gorgeous!’

Natasha from Simply Shrinking on Future Proof Body Butter

‘The body butter is super thick and made with shea butter and coconut oil which makes a noticeable difference straight away.’

Jennifer from on The Activist

‘I applied The Activist Body Oil to my legs, stomach area and arms whilst my skin was still damp. Doing this apparently locks in moisture – and it really does! Even my boyfriend, without any prompt, noticed that my skin felt super smooth – and if my boyfriend notices a change, then it must be for real.’

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