Our favourite skincare ingredients to plump, strengthen and soothe skin

We believe the skin on your body deserves the same care, quality and actives you demand for your face. That’s why you should care about what goes into your skincare and ensure you’ve got the best mix of moisturising miracles that will give you skin strength, energy and bounce!

Want to know our favourite skin plumping ingredients that will help your skin glow today, tomorrow and all the years to come? We’ve spilled the beans on our moisturising miracles below!


All the oils

The word ‘oil’ was once considered a bit of a taboo in the skincare world and brought up connotations of greasy and uber-shiny skin. These days however, everyone appreciates the benefits of good oils, even those with oilier skin.

Be aware that not all oils are created equal! For example, mineral oil is used by a lot of skincare brands and will provide you with instant silky smooth skin, but it is a by-product of processed petroleum. While cosmetic grade mineral oil is a more refined version of the oil, the World Health Organisation has linked reported that untreated or mildly treated mineral oils are linked to cancer. Who wants to risk putting toxins on your face when there are so many other, more natural and just as affective alternatives that won’t leave a greasy feeling to your skin?

So what are these alternatives?

Sweet Almond Oil:

Rich in Vitamin E and mono-saturated fatty acids and proteins, almond oil can protect your skin from oxidative stress, UV radiation damage and keep it soft and supple. It’s a mild, hypoallergenic oil which is also great to addressing itchiness related to eczema and psoriasis.

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Hempseed Oil:

Extracted from the help plant, hemp oil contains a number of fatty acids which help to nourish your skin and increase the blood circulation. It also contains anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that will help to protect the skin’s aging process and soothe irritated or dry skin.

Argan Oil:

Argan oil has reached cult beauty status in a short amount of time and rightly so. Argan oil is packed with antioxidants, vitamin E and essential fatty acids which will help seal in moisture and protect your skin’s elasticity. It is easily absorbed and non-greasy which is always a winning combination for an everyday moisturiser. It’s also a great product for pregnancy as the high vitamin E content will assist keep skin’s elasticity and prevent stretch marks.

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Cranberry Seed Oil:

Cranberry Seed Oil contains one of the highest antioxidant levels in any vegetable and fruit oils and contains a high level of essential omega 3 and 6 fatty acids and vitamin E and A. It offers excellent skin protection from the sun and is easily absorbed into the skin. One of the other great properties of cranberry seed oil is that it can assist to extend the shelf life of other more fragile oils that it is blended with.


Hyaluronic Acids

Don’t be afraid – this isn’t the kind of acid that will burn your face, rather this is a ‘good’ acid that will help your skin retain moisture. If your skin is feeling dry from air-conditioning or indoor heating, or after too much sun, then hyaluronic acid will help to re-plump your skin with moisture and give it back its youthful glow. In fact, hyaluronic has the ability to hold up to six litres of water which makes it one of the best natural or synthetic products to lock in moisture for juicy skin!

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Obviously not the kind you put on your toast in the morning, but the next best thing! Shea butter is derived from the African shea tree and is naturally rich in Vitamin A and essential fatty acids. Shea butter aids in the skin’s natural collagen production and has properties which help to nourish and soften the skin. It’s often praised as a great treatment for dry skin issues related to eczema and psoriasis because of its incredibly rich moisturising properties.

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Vitamin E

Vitamin E is naturally found in many omega oils but many of mio’s products have an added Vitamin E boost because of its wonderful antioxidant properties. Vitamin E is a great ingredient to protect the skin from environmental pollution, UV radiation (in conjunction with a high SPF sunscreen of course) and a powerful anti-inflammatory which can prevent signs of premature aging. It is also helpful in reducing scars and stretch marks when combined with a mixture of other skin-healing ingredients too!

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