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dry body brusher

Dry body brushing, something we all need to get into the habit of. So, we asked guest Laura Frankland to tell us the benefits of dry body brushing and what difference it makes being a dry body brusher…

Cellulite, what is it about that word?Although completely natural it is a sight dreaded by many, with these dimples leaving a flash of self-awareness to the most confident. Something that affects 90% of females and being a size 10, 25-year-old woman I too fit into this more ‘normal’ than not statistic.

It’s because of this deep dermal accumulation I have noticed in recent years on the usual suspects of legs, bums and tums that Garshana, more commonly known as dry body brushing (granted 3 words that don’t marry very well together) has become part of my daily routine.

This technique first came to my attention when I was exploring the world of the macrobiotic lifestyle and it wasn’t until I dug a little deeper that I found out Garshana has its roots in Ayurvedic medicine and has been done for centuries.

This ancient holistic method, also favoured by the Scandinavians, is exactly what it says on the tin, brushing the skin while it is dry. A simple massage technique targeting residual build-up of toxins. All that is needed is commitment, patience and a natural bristled brush.

Now, of course, the idea of putting hard bristles on dry skin has the potential to set your teeth on edge and sounds far from anything pampering. Especially when you think about brushing your stomach and areas with thinner skin like your chest. But once this becomes part of your routine it’s difficult to go a day without it.

After all the skin is our largest organ, the single biggest interface between our organs and environment and plays a key role in detoxification.

The best time to do the treatment is first thing in the morning before showering, allowing you to wash off the impurities loosened by the massage and carry the benefits throughout the day.

As well as noticing smoother lumps and bumps, I am also experiencing the fountain of gains from the technique, including:

Offering a helping hand to the lymphatic drainage – The idea of helping such a vital system carry toxins to my detox organs, is reason enough to be a dry body brusher.

A radiant complexion – My skin is brighter, shining with health and wellness thanks to increasing blood circulation and tightening my skin, it has also had an affect on my body temperature for the better (before I was always the one in the office with hot water bottles and blankets).

Smooth, plumped unclogged skin – Treating myself to a full body exfoliation from the soles of my feet to the palms of my hands means I am shedding dead skin and encouraging skin renewal leaving me with firm, soft skin.

The best wake up call – I honestly don’t know how I went without this before, it is the best way to start your day. It’s almost meditative and a great stress relief, the perfect way to have a bit of “me time” before rushing off into the crazy and occasionally chaotic world. I sit on my train to work knowing I have kick-started my circulation and lymphatic system.

Cellulite-fighting promises –  By speeding up my metabolism I am helping to break down those stubborn, stagnant fatty deposits. I never thought I had tired, heavy legs until I became a dry body brushing connaisseur, I instantly feel lighter and can see the dimples dispelled (legs and derrière are a particular favourite to brush).

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Like with everything some of these benefits won’t be achieved overnight, but the long-term advantages are invaluable and so worth it.

The best thing about dry body brushing is not only what you can see but how you feel. After treating myself to a full body treatment I feel invigorated, energised and refreshed (thanks to stimulating my circulatory system and oil and sweat glands).

I am also giving my internal organs a much needed massage, which in turn is thanking me by improving my digestion and kidney functions.

You don’t need to do it daily, although I warn you it becomes addictive, a few times a week will see you reaping the benefits. Yes, it will add on 3 minutes to your morning but your skin, the first to feel and show the affects of your lifestyle and environment deserves nothing less. As well as a powerful way to help the inside from the outside.

I strongly recommend this wonderful health promoting activity. It will leave you feeling great in the buff and as soon as you start you will never go back!

Find out exactly how to dry body brush like a pro here:

Guest Post: Laura Frankland

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