Body Brushing Benefits For Smoother And Healthier Skin

We have some good news and some bad news for you….We know things start to slow down (and sag down) as we age. Unfortunately your skin also starts to become lazier and the process of turning over new layers of skin slows down too.

The good news is that body brushing is a fast and very effective way to polish up a fresh new layer of skin! Here are just some of the reasons why you should get body brushing!


Body brushing helps to remove the dry, excess skin on our body in order to achieve fresher and more vibrant skin. Our bodies are essentially like melons – the hard skin on the outside is rough and dull and we need to peel off this layer of skin to reach the nice moist flesh on the inside!

Breaks down fat deposits 

Everyone has heard of the ‘C’ word (cellulite) and shudders at the thought of it. Well do you know that body brushing can assist to reduce cellulite? Body brushing will help to soften lumpy fat deposits below the skin and spread them more evenly across your body. This means reduced cellulite and smoother skin!

Stimulation & circulation

Dry brushing your skin causes blood flow to surge and this brings fresh nutrients and oxygen to the area you are brushing. Body brushing also helps to boost the effectiveness of your sweat and oil glands that help to keep your skin nice and moist.

Elimination/ Detoxification

The lymphatic system acts as drain to carry away excess fluid and waste products. Unfortunately the lymphatic system doesn’t have a ‘pump’ to push the lymph fluid around your body and you need to move to help it get pumping! Using a body brush helps to move lymph fluid throughout your body and help with the drainage process. See you later nasties!

The Mio Team recommend brushing 3 minutes, 3 times a week to start seeing visible benefits of body brushing.