Top 5 Outdoor Winter Activities To Boost Your Wellbeing

Winter is finally upon us and with the days getting longer and nights chillier, curled up on the sofa watching Netflix for hours upon end sounds like the perfect antidote. In fact, Winter can affect your motivation and mood, leaving you feeling sad and drained of energy. So, we have put together a list of our top outdoor Winter activities to help boost your mood and wellbeing this Christmas.  

From an invigorating run, to a reviving swim or a relaxing night stargazing, these outdoor Winter activities will help give you a boost of feel-great and help prevent the dreaded Winter blues.  

1. Go For A Run 

When it comes to outdoor Winter activities, running in cold weather might be the last thing on your fun outdoor Winter activities listHowever, new studies suggest that going for a reviving run in the cold can actually improve your performance! Lower temperatures actually reduce stress on the body and your body needs less water in cold weather than on a hot day. Also, your heart rate and dehydration levels are also lower than in warmer conditions – no more excuses! When you return from your run, refresh your tired muscles with our Muscle Motivator Revitalising Gel! This rapid body cooling gel is supercharged with invigorating plant-based actives and Seaweed extract to hydrate and refresh aching muscles; helping your body feel its best as you stay active! 

2. Take A Long Walk 

If you’re looking for calming and mind-clearing outdoor Winter activities, a long walk is the perfect way to end a stressful and busy day at work. We all know that walking can do wonders for our mental health and if done on a regular basis it can help reduce stress, fatigue, anxiety and even improve your sleep quality. Did you know, physically active people have a up to a 30% less chance of becoming depressed? So, wrap up, put on your walking boots and breathe in the fresh Winter air.  To extend the mind-soothing benefits of your walk, upon returning home treat yourself to a long, hot soak in the bath with our Liquid Yoga Bath Soak. Giving you tranquillity on tap, this mineral-rich bath soak contains an uplifting blend of essential oils and herbs including Cannabis Seed Oil to give you a dose of complete serenity; leaving your skin feeling beautifully moisturised and your mind serene. 

3. Go On A Bike Ride 

Too many people put their bikes back in the shed at the first sign of Winter. But if you’re searching for fun outdoor Winter activities, a long bike ride during the colder months has so many wonderful wellbeing benefits. Not only will your body burn more calories, but it will learn to use oxygen much more efficiently!  A morning bike ride can also be meditative and energising, helping to clear and calm your mind before a busy day at work. Once you’ve returned home and hung up your helmetjump in the shower and revive your senses with our Clay Away Body Cleanser. This 2-in1 body cleanser doubles up as a full-body mask, leaving your skin feeling deeply cleansed and soothed. For the ultimate at-home spa experience, smooth over your entire body before hopping in the shower. Your skin will be left feeling super radiant and your mind refreshed, clear and ready for the day ahead.  

4. Stargazing 

When thinking of the perfect outdoor Winter activities to do with your family and friends, there’s nothing better than sitting outside underneath the twinkling stars, toasting marshmallows with a delicious hot chocolate in handWinter is the perfect time for stargazing because it gets dark earlier, so if you’re searching for outdoor Winter activities for adults and children, this is sure to be a crowd pleaser. So, wrap up warm, have your binoculars at the ready and don’t forget to make a wish on a shooting starWinter’s harsh, cold air can dry out your skin, so after your magical night of stargazing lock-in hydration and slather your skin with our Go With The Flow Body Oil. This relaxing dry body oil is supercharged with aromatherapy essential oils including Cannabis Oil and Almond Oil to provide you with the ultimate calming experience, leaving your skin beautifully soft and your mind serene.  

5. Wild Swimming 

Wild swimming, or open water swimming has been praised for its powerful wellbeing benefits. It is meditative, can help reduce stress hormones, reduce inflammation and boost your levels of happy hormonesIf you’re looking for outdoor Winter activities to re-kindle your relationship with nature, wild swimming can help you build a more positive mindset, reducing feelings of tiredness and even improve motivation, increasing your likelihood of sticking to regular workouts! Post-swim, dive straight back into hydration with our Dive In Body Wash. Perfect for avid swimmers, this energising body wash can help protect your skin against the drying effects of salt water; helping to remove sweat and impurities for a zingy shower experience. 

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Heleayner Davies

Heleayner Davies

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