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Body Skincare Routine for Smooth and Firm Skin

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There’s no denying that our body skincare routines rarely get a fraction of the attention that our faces do. Within our face’s sacred routines, we have multiple steps, ingredients, and techniques, all of which differ from morning to night. Meanwhile, we treat our bodies to a quick wash and a slap of moisturiser and we expect a smooth, firm base all year round. However, if we deny our body the care it deserves, it’s highly unlikely that we will ever achieve the skin of our dreams. So, it’s time to take a long hard look at your body skincare routine and start giving your skin the TLC it needs.

Here’s how to build a body skincare routine for smooth and firm skin.

Step One: How to get smooth skin

The first step of a body skincare routine is to ensure that you have a smooth, refreshed base to begin with. Dry body brushing is an effective way how to get smooth skin that is also relatively simple. It is a method of sweeping your skin with a body brush to remove build-up, unclog the pores, and leave the skin feeling soft. It does this by exfoliating away any old, dead skin cells and bringing the new ones to the surface.

The best time to dry body brush is usually before a shower. This is because not only does it help to smooth the skin, with less build-up, your next steps of applying moisturisers and other bodycare products will be enhanced. This is especially useful if you are using products with effective, potent ingredients. These ingredients will absorb better and have direct access to the skin to carry out their jobs of helping you achieve the body skin of your dreams!

Step Two: How to get clear body skin

Once you have swept away the build up for a smooth base, it’s time to move on to step two of your body skincare routine: how to get clear body skin. A refreshing way to get clear body skin can be by using a clay body cleanser to draw out impurities during your daily wash. Our Clay Away Detoxifying Body Cleanser doubles as a full body mask, leaving your skin feeling soothed and deeply cleansed. After you have dry body brushed, smear the mask over targeted areas to clear the body skin for a few minutes before jumping into the bath or shower to rinse it away.

Step Three: How to tighten skin

Next up, let’s take a look at how to tighten skin. Although it is a large part of life, usually coming hand-in-hand with pregnancy or as part of the natural process of aging, loose skin is a large concern for many.

Massaging your skin can help stimulate blood flow as well as the cells that work to produce collagen and elastin (the proteins that help the skin to stay supple and tight). Therefore, when combined with formulas that have been designed to target loose skin in certain areas, we can consider this duo to be somewhat of a dream-team.

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For example, our Get Waisted skin tightening stomach cream leaves the tummy area feeling tighter and stronger with body-shaping active ingredients such as caffeine to reveal smoother looking and hydrated skin. Simply massage it in before bed or first thing in the morning and allow the plant-based proteins and vitamins to get to work on tightening the appearance of the skin to give your tum a firmer look.

Step Four: How to add the final glow

As a final step, add some hydration to the skin. Now that you know how to get smooth skin, the dry body brushing step will have swept away a lot of those dry cells that were hanging onto your body’s surface. To keep the new skin cells hydrated and supple, the final step to your body skincare routine is to always lock moisture into the skin. Pay extra attention to the areas that tend to dry out easier, such as the elbows, ankles, and wrists.

For a subtle bronzed glow, you could use our Golden Hour illuminator moisturiser with micro illuminating pearlescent minerals for instant radiance and a slight shimmer. This nourishing moisturiser leaves the skin feeling hydrated and soft as it actively highlights to achieve that healthy, post-holiday glow all year long.

It is important that you pay your body the attention it deserves for that firm, soft skin with a lit-from-within glow. Having said this, an effective body skincare routine is by no means complicated! These four simple steps can be easily added to a regular regime. So, it’s time to say goodbye to your dead, dull skin cells and start your body skincare routine today.

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