Stages of Christmas Shopping

From panic buying to strategic planning, everyone has their own way of Christmas shopping! Each year, when December strikes, the high street turns into winter wonderland and shoppers emerge in force!

But all that shopping can be stressful (especially if you’re shopping for younger ones) so pop your feet up, rub in a little Lucky Legs to relieve those aches and swollen ankles and have a giggle at these stages of Christmas shopping!


When you buy your first Christmas present in October…

The spirit kicks in

It’s the middle of November and decorations are springing up everywhere! The catchy Christmas tunes are now stuck in your head (and will be for the next 6 weeks) but you don’t care because Christmas is finally on its way!!



Before you know it, it’s the first day of advent and you suddenly realise that’s only 24 days! ONLY THREE WEEKENDS TO GO and you’ve only got that one present you bought back in October…


So many people

Shopping becomes your worst enemy but you still have to do it! You find yourself fighting through the crowds to get to scout out the best presents!


Who will like this… ME!

Forget your sister, auntie or friend, this one’s for you! This is the one stage of Christmas shopping that we all secretly love! After all, you’ve got to treat yourself to a little present or three!


Winning the tug of war for the last must-have toy

You never thought you’d be one of them… But here you are scrambling to get this year’s number 1 toy! However, the overriding sense of achievement once it’s in your hand is far too rewarding to be hung up on the past…



That moment when you can’t find that last present, but you know you’ll be able to get it online… Do you have time? Cue the nervousness, checking the window for the postman and asking your neighbour if they signed for a package! You have no nails left, when finally there’s a knock at the door! A Christmas miracle!


‘Twas the night before Christmas…

From biting carrots to sprinkling glitter, you’ll do anything to make the house appear as magical as possible. Even though Santa gets all the praise, it’s all totally worth it when you see their excited faces.  Suddenly the stress of the last few weeks simply melts away…

Treat yourself

Well done – You did it! You deserve a pat on the back (and probably a foot massage) – but why not treat yourself to our lovely Liquid Yoga Space Spray to give your body a little reward for all the hard work – it’s Christmas after all!



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