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Essential Tips To Follow When Choosing Travel Destinations

They say to travel is to live. Travelling opens our minds to a whole realm of new possibilities. It brings us out of our comfort zone, enables us to try new things, improves our communication skills and opens our eyes to the beauty of the world. The internet has made it easier and easier to feed your wanderlust, with websites and blogs filled with travel inspiration, travel destinations and ideas; the only thing left to do is book your flights.

Follow our 5 tips to make travelling more affordable and accessible:

Turn your cookies off

You can make big savings by turning your cookies off. Airlines tend to increase the price of flights if you have looked at them before, so each time you check the cost of the flight, it is likely to have increased. You can stop this by disabling the cookies on your mobile and laptop, so it appears to the website that it’s the first time you have looked at it, keeping prices low for many travel destinations.

Book and fly at the most cost effective time

Research by momondo.co.uk has found that by booking your flight 53 days in advance you can save up to 29% on your air fare, so book around 2 months before you would like to travel. Also, by choosing an evening departure, ideally between 6pm and midnight, you will pay less than other times. And if you really need to save, flying on Tuesdays can save you a considerable amount.

Pack lightly

Create a capsule travel wardrobe. Keeping in mind cultural requirements, ease of access to laundry facilities, the different travel destinations you might be visiting, weather/environmental conditions and the kind of activities you might be doing on your travels. Be sure to take comfortable shoes for walking and sight-seeing, a cardigan/clothes good to layer so you can easily dress for the weather or adjust your outfit for different cultures,  a basic maxi dress will act as an easy-cover up and can be dressed up or down and a couple of basic t-shirts –versatile and comfortable. Wear your heaviest shoes and jacket for the flight and keep luggage costs down.

Think currency

Using a strong currency can vastly reduce the overall cost of your holiday, so is a really important factor when considering holiday destinations. For example, if the pound is strong against the US dollar, take this opportunity to head further afield to the US and save when you get there.

Decide what you want

Think about what you want to see and do and devise your plan around this. Do you want to see the Northern Lights, the Grand Canyon, climb Machu Picchua, eat tapas on Las Ramblas or shop on the Champs-Elysees? Research your travel plans around this, and what is accessible and affordable travel. Stay open-minded though, you never know what you might discover.

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