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Our Top Body Confidence Tips to Love Yourself

It’s easy to take our bodies for granted. In a world where we’re constantly exposed to face-tuned photos, photo-shopped models, and extreme diets, we seem to be in an endless pursuit of “the perfect figure”. How do we know this? Well, if you Google ‘body confidence tips’, there are 115,000,000 results. This might seem like a lot, but if you Google ‘body changing tips’, there are over one million more. Quite clearly, there is a far greater demand for advice on how to change the way we look, instead of learning to love the way we look.

Considering the work they do for us, do we really give our bodies the love and appreciation they deserve? Here’s Mio’s guide to loving yourself, with our body confidence tips.

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Try Positive Affirmations

Let’s begin with the disputed topic of morning positive affirmations. While some swear by it, others discard it as a mere waste of time. Certainly, these affirmations often bear an uncanny resemblance to inspirational quotes hung on bathroom walls and on the covers of ‘new year, new me’ journals. Despite this, there is some science behind how positive affirmations work. When created specifically for you, morning positive affirmations can, in fact, have a profound impact on the mindset.

How positive affirmations work

Where science gets involved is that according to Healthline, your brain can get mixed up on the difference between reality and imagination. This is quite useful when it comes to how positive affirmations work.

Picture yourself walking down the beach in your swimwear. Imagine feeling confident and brave, with a pep in your step. While you are doing this, you are stimulating the same area of the brain that actually experiences that situation. Therefore, how positive affirmations work is simple. Telling your brain statements about yourself regularly and repeatedly can stimulate your brain to take these as facts, helping to improve your overall confidence and motivation.

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However, morning positive affirmations that are simply too general and exaggerated often don’t work. They need to be believable and realistic for you. Use a morning positive affirmation to focus on what you actually like about your body, and all that it does for you.

“My body works hard to keep me alive every day. It deserves care and healthy, balanced meals.”

Or get specific, with a simple:

“My dimples make my warm smile unique.” 

Repeating an affirmation can help boost your motivation and confidence, and in turn, can be the first step in the right direction towards loving your body.

How to make morning positive affirmations

To make morning positive affirmations, take the following steps:

  1. Set aside 5 uninterrupted minutes every morning.
  2. Create specific affirmations to change long-standing habits and negative self-talk.
  3. Repeat each affirmation out loud at least 10 times, paying attention to each word.
  4. Make your routine consistent. Try to do this every day for a month to begin.
  5. Stick with it and remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day!

Give genuine compliments more often

Our next body confidence tip is actually to direct your thoughts away from your own appearance. Complimenting others is surprisingly a great way how to feel more confident about yourself! However, the trick is that the complement has to be genuine. Giving a genuine compliment requires you to actively look for something that you admire in others. In doing this, you kickstart the process of seeing the good in yourself too.

What’s more, a nice compliment can make someone’s day- and yours too! Making others feel happier instantly lifts the mood of the environment that you’re in, and people will gravitate towards you. People naturally love to be around positive people, and this generally uplifted environment that surrounds you will naturally help you to feel better about yourself.

Do Something Nice for Your Body

As we mentioned in our positive morning affirmations, it’s important to remind yourself that your body works hard to keep you alive every day. Therefore, it deserves to be treated every now and again. This doesn’t have to mean booking into a five-star spa. Luckily, there’s plenty of cost-effective ways that you can do something nice for your body.

Rest it:

  • Prioritising rest is one of our top body confidence tips. If you find it difficult to settle in in the evenings, try running a bath with the Liquid Yoga Body Relaxing Bath Soak to soothe your mind and muscles before bed. Following that, use the Liquid Yoga Aromatherapy Space Spray to transform your room into an oasis of zen with essential oils that work to calm the senses. It’s very easy to think negatively and fill yourself with negative emotions when you are over-tired, aching, and lacking in energy. A rested body will wake up feeling energised, renewed, and motivated to make healthier choices. In turn, you will begin to love your body more.

Nourish it:

  • Feed your body with nutritious meals that make you feel good. Fill your plate with a hearty meal of ingredients that you’re not just craving in the present moment, but ones that will genuinely help your body to carry out its work. Think vitamins, minerals, and energy.

Massage it:

  • Massage stimulates the brain to release endorphins (those happiness hormones), which can instantly lift your mood and contribute to the process of how to feel more confident. What’s more, they will also help to reduce your muscle tension and loosen up your limbs while working to reduce any stress and build-up of negative emotions. Take a look at our guide on How to Do a Massage at Home with our Go With The Flow Calming Body Oil. What better way how to feel more confident than with skin that’s soothed, charged, and radiating with moisture?

In conclusion, our body confidence tips go far beyond changing the way you look. The way how to feel more confident in your body truly starts from within. So, remind yourself of what makes you special, find the good in others, and show your body you’re grateful. Once you begin to see the good in yourself, your body confidence will soon follow.

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