Prepare for the Best Black Friday Skincare Deals

best black friday skincare deals

Our biggest sale of the year is back! If you’re after the best Black Friday skincare deals for a head-to-toe, feel-good glow this festive season, we’ve got the perfect bodycare products for you, a friend or a family member.

Keep scrolling to prepare yourself for the best Black Friday skincare deals for the ultimate boost of fresh, radiant-looking skin this festive season and beyond.


1. For those who love a good pamper: The Liquid Yoga Range

If you or someone you know is in need of some well-deserved self-care, look no further than our Liquid Yoga Range. This complete collection works to create a spa experience in the comfort of your own home with calming and soothing skincare.

Uplift the atmosphere with the Liquid Yoga Aromatherapy Space Spray. Just a few sprays of the blissful blend of essential oils, including calming Cannabis Seed oil, sets the mood for some ‘me time’.

Feel your mind and muscles unwind in a warm bath filled with Liquid Yoga Body Relaxing Bath Soak. Made with a 100% natural fragrance of feel-good notes to uplift the soul and super clever, plant-based chemistry, soak away the stresses of the day and feel the soak nourish your skin with its unique formula.

Finally, we have the Go With The Flow Calming Body Oil to refresh the body and mind. Made with a blend of Indian Fig extract and Monk’s Pepper Berry, this dry almond oil provides an instant sensation of wellbeing and keeps skin feeling hydrated.

2. For those seeking a glow-up: The Glow Getters Range

If you want to wake up with an unmistakable radiance from head-to-toe and a sunkissed finish all year round, the Glow Getters Range is the one for you.

Revitalise your skin with the Sleeping Smoothie Overnight Body Serum, promising to give you noticeably glowier, healthier looking skin as soon as you wake up. Working like a dream whilst you dream, our radiance-boosting serum gets to work as you sleep. Packed with skin-brightening AHAs including Raspberry extract and Mandelic acid, this super clever body serum will leave your skin feeling and looking instantly hydrated, radiant and fresher.

As well as this, if your skin is feeling dull and dry, our Future Proof Body Butter is a thick, buttery body lotion that feels super soft on the body whilst nourishing and transforming the appearance of your skin. Supercharged with omega-rich actives including Andiroba Oil, and our Antioxidant Complex; a blend of Myrtle and Olive Oil, our moisturising natural body butter will help protect, nourish and quench your skin’s thirst. Infused with an uplifting fragrance with mood-uplifting notes of citrus and orange blossom, your skin will be delicately scented with an instantly stronger and healthier looking radiance.

3. For those who want to boost their workout routine: The Workout Wonders Range

If you’re a mover, shaker, or just love hitting the gym, our body-loving Workout Wonders Range will help enhance your workout routine as you push your body to its limits.

The less glamourous side to getting your exercise in is of course, the chafing that often comes hand-in-hand with it. Chafing is the irritation caused from friction against the skin, especially when combined with moisture from sweating. The anti-friction, moisturising ingredients in the Move Groove Anti-Friction Balm will allow the legs to glide off eachother, while niacinamide will prevent the appearance of redness. Simply lather some on before heading out and make your bike, hike, or general day run smoother!

What’s more, we have the perfect solution for when those muscles become tired and achy after an intense workout. Enter: the new and improved Muscle Motivator Revitalising Gel, infused with an updated revitalising menthol fragrance and a cool blue texture. This rapid body cooling gel contains invigorating plant and energising extracts, ideal for pre or post-gym skin. Charged with an instant cooling sensation, it keeps your skin hydrated with seaweed extract and keeps you feeling refreshed as you stay active.

4. For those who want to start afresh: The Detox Squad Range

Sometimes, all your skin needs is a good reset. The detox squad range helps you to achieve just that. Packed with plant-based actives and our Feel-Good Complex, within this range are the products you need for the ultimate skin detox.

Our clever 2-in-1 purifying Clay Away Body Cleanser is a refreshing daily wash that doubles as a full body mask, leaving your skin feeling soothed and deeply cleansed. Made with three clays to deeply purify and matcha tea extract for its antioxidant properties, this multi-purpose cleanser invigorates the body as it resets the skin for a renewed, brighter appearance.

Meanwhile, the Heavenly Body Exfoliating Scrub gently sweeps away impurities and buffs the skin with its coconut, sea salt, and almond oil formula to reveal your natural glow and healthy-looking radiance. The perfect prep for clean, clear skin.

5. For the more intimate matters: The Intimate Hygiene Range

Your intimate areas are more delicate than other parts of the body, so deserve the most gentle treatment! Luckily, our intimate care products provide just that.

The Balance Act Intimate Cleanser is specifically formulated to help cleanse and care for your body’s most sensitive parts with a pH balanced formula to maintain your body’s natural chemistry. A lightly foaming cleanser, Balance Act soothes and calms for a fresh, cleansed intimate area.

When removing the hair down there, whether you wax or shave, it’s important to use something to calm and moisturise the area afterwards. The Bare All Soothing Cream is formulated with nourishing oils and a blend of exfoliating and nourishing plant-based actives to give you super soft, smooth skin after every use. It will also help to prevent those pesky post-shave ingrown hairs so that you can feel great about your skin.

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