Jet Lag Skin Care Tips

Going on your holidays is an exciting time, but travelling can really take its toll on your lovely skin. So we want to help you stay glowing from bag check to beach with our jet lag skin care tips.

When it comes to being jet lagged, it’s important to not just rely on your skincare, although that does need some extra attention! Your diet and hydration play major roles in keeping your skin plump and gorgeous when in reality it’s tired and dry. So try out our top jet lag skin care tips to looking wonderful, even after a lengthy flight!


Drink as much water as you can, your body is made up of 70% water so we need to keep it that way. You’ll feel more awake and focused and most importantly of all, hydrated. You’ll notice in your hair and skin if your body is hydrated, as they’ll have a fabulous glow!  Aim for 2 litres a day, particularly if you’re in the sun, and however long your flight have a cup of water every hour. It’s also important to avoid alcohol, the processed air on the plane will not do your skin or body any wonders and  alcohol will only dehydrate you more! Plus, it’ll make you appreciate it more when you get there!


The recycled air on an aeroplane will dehydrate your skin and it might appear flakey – not a good look! Also, if you’re going to a humid country that could affect your skin too. So try and stay make up free, and throughout your flight moisturise, use a serum, apply a rehydration mask and massage your skin! Apply moisturiser to your arms and legs, as they’ll get dry too. And don’t forget the SPF!


If you know you’re going to be travelling for a while, be sure to have a big, hearty, healthy meal before you leave! A lot of airports won’t allow food through security so get yourself full beforehand. Also, when you’re at the airport, try and make a healthy decision instead of heading straight for the naughty stuff! Salads and healthy sandwiches are your safest bet, and get a fruit salad for the flight to have alongside your in-flight food.

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