Preparation is key, but now you can unlock your potential with Mio. We are giving you our limited edition Run Faster Kit  for FREE when you spend £50/$75 but be quick because this fab offer ends soon!

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Motivate your mind and muscles with three Mio miracles. Our Run Faster kit is perfect for any on the go workout! Inside you’ll find our Clean Slate Wipes, Workout Wonder and Liquid Yoga to prep and prime your muscles. Together, we will reduce your recovery time so you can get back on track with Mio.

Mio run faster kit

Before your Workout

Apply Workout Wonder as you warm up! The essential oils will send your body tingling across the start line, prepping your muscles for a big race. Whether that race be against thousands of others, or just yourself, each time you work out Mio will kick start you into action!

Straight after the Finish Line

Cool off with our Clean Slate Swipes. The natural cleansers will balance and moisturise skin while wiping away any sweat you’ve worked up! The biodegradable and disposable swipes will leave you as fresh as a daisy with a hint of natural mint and cucumber.

In The Comfort of your Own Home

Jump in the bath and soak up all the essential oils found in Liquid Yoga Bath Soak. Jam-packed with magnesium, it is amazingly effective at relieving cramps and aches while helping muscles and nerves function properly. This incredible bath soak will get you back on the road in no time.

Our Run Faster Kit is just the beginning, now it’s down to YOU! Here are a few tips to get you in tip top shape to run faster for longer.

Running Form

Try running on the treadmill in front of a mirror and critique how you run. Even better – get a friend to film your stride and get them to point out the flaws. Once resurrected, relax your shoulders and watching the seconds/minutes drip of your PB!

Learn How to Breathe

We know what you’re thinking ‘Hellllooo – I know how to breathe!’ But do you know how to breathe efficiently while running? Use BOTH your nose and mouth to get as much oxygen to those tired muscles as possible! Belly breathing is the way forward here!

Eyes on the Prize

Keep your eyes fixed ahead of you. Getting distracted can waste valuable seconds when you’re trying to run faster – It’s all about the PB! (Running outside? Don’t forget to look left to right when crossing roads!)

Stretch it Out!

After a long run, spend at least 15 minutes stretching out every last bit of your body. Not only will it increase your strength and flexibility, you’ll be back on the track (or treadmill, or road, or even cross country) quicker! Pair this with a Liquid Yoga bath, and you’ll practically hear your muscles scream THANK YOU!

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