Our Guide to Make Running YOUR Habit

The struggle is real! If you’ve not already hit your New Year’s resolution hump then you soon will! But why not defy the odds and change your resolution into a habit. That 6am alarm may be your worst enemy but it can become your best friend.

Just putting your trainers on and hitting the road is the first hurdle to overcome, but once you hit your stride then it becomes easier. Pop on our motivational playlist and see the miles tick by! But to get you started, our fitness experts have put together these fab tips to turn your resolution into a habit!

Start Small

The pressure to get fit quick is everywhere, but here at mio we live in the real world! As a beginner you must start with a realistic distance. You need to build the foundations to succeed and a walk-run method may be the best way to start.

Set Goals

Come up with a running plan with goals and stick to it. Why not give yourself an incentive to help you along!

Run First Thing

Before you hop into bed, lay out your running gear ready for the morning. Get your day off to a positive start rather than leaving it to will power!

Make It Fun

Buy some new fitness gear, run with a friend or even explore new surroundings. There are so many ways to make running fun!

Give It A Rest

We highly recommend that you take at least one rest day a week for your body to fully recover.Take your day of rest to reflect on how far you’ve already come and be grateful for your body, willpower and dedication.


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