5 Positive Mantras To Uplift Your Mood In 2021

This year has been a challenging one for everybody; the mio team are most definitely looking forward to saying goodbye to 2020. As we ring in the new year, we’re determined to focus on the positives. Read on to discover the best daily mantras for positive thinking and how you can implement them into your everyday life…

What is a mantra?

Despite its spiritual roots, a mantra in the modern day can be defined as an intention and a way to help you achieve a mental state you are striving for. A mantra is a statement or an affirmation that should bring value to your being and support your self worth and your mindset. Whether you use a mantra within an intense meditation session or simply spend a few minutes repeating it in your head, they are an age-old but effective method for helping to keep your mind balanced during chaotic or stressful times.

How do positive mantras help uplift you?

Implementing mantras into your life can help create positive energy and keep your mood uplifted throughout the day. If you use your mantra to enhance a daily meditation, it can really help you to focus your mind and potentially distract you from any active stressful and negative thoughts. In essence, a mantra for positive thinking aids to recalibrate your brain to keep your energy balanced and your mindset brighter and more opportunistic.

mantras for positive thinking

What’s the best way to implement daily mantras into your life?

Firstly, you need to spend some time thinking about your mantras. Ask what you want your mantras to reflect and how you want them to make you feel. Are you seeking to feel more confident, less anxious, more empowered? Once you’ve chosen your mantras, take the time to say them out loud a few times to see how they make you feel. Next, incorporate them into your daily routine and make sure it slots into a ritual you already partake in every day. If you’re an avid yogi, add it to the end of your daily yoga session and spend ten minutes meditating whilst repeating your mantras – say them out loud, whisper them or think them in your head. Whatever works for you!

If you’re less of a spiritual person, you can simply repeat your mantras during your morning regime, whether that’s during your AM skincare routine, whilst making your morning coffee or even in the shower. It’s pretty crucial that you are consistent with your mantras as once they are a daily habit, you are bound to reap the full benefits. If you are going through a particular rough patch and feel like you don’t have the energy to think of your own mantras, this 6 Powerful Mantras for Positive Energy video is an ideal substitute. Take ten minutes out of your day to relax and hit play.

5 positive mantras for Self Love

“I am in charge of how I feel and today I choose happiness.”

“I trust in myself and the decisions I make.”

“I love who I am. I love who I have become.”

“I shall stay patient and trust my journey.”

“I am strong, I am able, I am calm.”

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