Get moving in 2016 and join the #MIOMOVEMENT by sharing a photo of you moving! Whether you’re enjoying a new hobby, or stick to your gym routine just pop it on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and tag @MioSkincare. We’ll award the best picture with a hamper full of your favourite mio products!

As part of #MIOMOVEMENT, here at mio HQ we have vowed to recover from the festive diets of December and our new year’s resolutions involve keeping active with our favourite hobbies. Even though tradition normally takes over by January 2nd and all motivation has been drained away along with our Christmas spirits; we have created a list of our top 4 hobbies, followed by our go-to miracle skincare products. Exercising with fun hobbies to keep healthy will have the former you envying the new you in no time!


Whether you prefer to go for a nice relaxing swim at your local pool or you’re a little bit of a thrill seeker, there is something for everyone! Some of us would much prefer to pop down to the local pool for a few hours with a friend or two; this can burn around 800 calories depending on how much effort you put in. However, if you’re searching for an adrenalin rush, there are plenty of open water swimming events available for the general public to join. These can either be done alone with guidance or in a group event and the personal rewards are definitely worth it!


Cycling is one of those leisurely activities that can be incredibly efficient. From a general bike ride for self-entertainment to a quick, eco-friendly travelling alternative, you’ll be burning off all the Christmas pudding calories without delay! Think it can’t get any better? Think again! It’s been scientifically proven that just 20 miles of cycling a week can reduce your chance of heart disease by more than half and also dramatically increases sleep quality.


Taking a leisurely stroll with family or friends is such an easy way to exercise and burn calories it would be crazy to disregard taking a few more steps each day.  It is one of the least expensive forms of exercise with no cost except for comfortable footwear and you don’t need to develop special skills to be able to do it.


If you’re not quite ready to let go of the festive season, taking to a wintery hobby is a perfect option. There are several indoor skiing facilities across the country so you can learn a fun new sport without the extensive travelling. It’s such an exciting day out and bonding exercise!

After all your #MIOMOVEMENT exercises throughout the day, your skin and muscles may be struggling. Using Workout Wonder Gel will instantly cool and soothe your muscles and relieve tension. Add our Shrink to Fit Cellulite Smoother and Body Brush to your daily routine and kick-start your New Year Resolutions!

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