The Best Post-Workout Skincare Regime

If you’re a single gal and you’re doing your best to look and feel fabulous, with the hope of bumping into the love of your life when you least expect it, then it might be temping to put a little make up on everywhere you go – including the gym.

Yes, it could well be full of hunky men working out, but in the long term you’re not going to do your skin any favours.

When you’re working out, your pores are more open than ever, to let the sweat out. The golden rule is to take EVERYTHING off, as the mix of products and sweat can really clog your pores up, causing spots and potentially acne.

Give your skin a good cleanse beforehand, then pat dry.

Take some antibacterial wipes with you and wipe down any equipment before you use it, so you reduce the risk of carrying any bacteria from your hands to your face. Also take a towel with you to pat down your face neck and chest, rather than using your hands.

After your workout, it’s tempting to have a long hot shower, but this can strip your skin of its natural oils. Instead, take a short lukewarm shower to rinse off, and then apply a body oil onto damp skin (we love the mio Activist Oil). Pat dry your skin with a towel to really help it absorb the oil.

After a couple of minutes, apply Boob Tube+ to your boob and chest area to keep those babies North! Then apply Get Waisted all around your waist and back to keep your skin tight and toned, then lastly apply Skin Tight on any problem areas. Why tighten your muscles and not your skin?

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