Healthy Lifestyle Tips

‘I don’t have time’ or ‘I’m just too busy’ are probably the two most common excuses when it comes to healthy living. Don’t worry, we’re guilty for using them too – and on a regular basis we might add! But MAKING the time really is the first hurdle to overcome. Living a healthy lifestyle shouldn’t be a battle, it should be a priority! However, convenience often outshines a healthy lifestyle, especially with the world’s cuisine just a phone call away!

Here at Mio HQ, our mission is to make you feel confident and gorgeous from head to toe. So to give you that helping hand, we will regularly be publishing healthy lifestyle tips on our brand spanking new blog. All of these tips will be quick and easy to adapt into your daily lives, so excuses will be a thing of the past!

To kick off the healthy lifestyle tips, our Clean Slate Workout Wipes are your gym bag must have! Particularly for those who are ‘too busy’ for a whole gym routine, with these wipes in your life, time is no longer the enemy! Strong enough for your underarms and gentle enough for your face (although we recommend wiping your face first) these refreshing wipes banish any post workout blemishes.  So now you really can have a quick trip to the gym!

It is often forgotten than your skin craves a workout as much as your body. And that’s why we’ve created the Mio Body Brush. It’s perfect for stimulating the skin in the morning or just before you jump in the shower. Although brushing on DRY skin may seem odd at first, it’s the best way to achieve your desired results. All you need is three minutes and a good technique to stimulate skin and boost circulation. By brushing in an upwards motion and paying special attention to problem areas, skin will become smoother and cellulite will be visibly reduced. The Mio Body Brush is an easy way to remove toxins and lymphatic drainage for those who often find themselves with little time to spare.

Alternatively, why not make add an energetic twist into an everyday activity to get your blood pumping? From cleaning the house to cooking the dinner, turn up the music and dance your way through the task. Pop on your old favourites and dance like no-one’s watching. Not only will it spice up a mundane task, you’ll burn extra calories in the process. Check out our fun activities post that will get you moving and grooving. Win win!

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Olga Kasprzyk

Olga Kasprzyk

Writer and expert