In Need Of Some Calm? You Need Our Relaxing Spray

A bestseller for a reason, our iconic Liquid Yoga Space Spray has long been a favourite among wellbeing enthusiasts for its soothing, relaxing and stress-busting properties. But, what makes this relaxing spray so special?

Read on to discover our favourite raving customer reviews and find out how the Mio team use this ultra relaxing spray to help them unwind and restore at the end of a long, tiring day.

Are you ready to reach your ultimate state of zen?…

1. Georgina Davies, National Training Manager

‘I love to use mine before bed. I mist this relaxing pillow mist onto my sheets, pillow cases and take a couple of minutes to do a little light stretching and then just let the soothing scent cocoon me when I crawl under my sheets. I’m asleep in minutes!’
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2. Ellie Costain, Skincare Content Apprentice

‘My favourite way to use the Liquid Yoga Space Spray is when I practice yoga. I spritz this relaxing room spray onto my yoga mat and a few times around my room to create a really zen atmosphere. The Lavender and Eucalyptus scent is so calming, it really helps me focus on my stretches and relaxes my mind after a busy day. It has now become an essential for my practice! My favourite yogi at the moment has to be Cathy from @cathymadeoyoga. In a collaboration with Mio Skincare and MyProtein to support their new Composure 2.0 collection launch, Cathy recently went live with a feel-good flow and it was amazing! Everyone should check it out here for your next practice.’
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Liquid Yoga Spray… If I could drink it, I would. My zen den spray. My night time spray. My yoga and meditation spray. My laundry spray. My relaxation spray. I reckon if you even sprayed BoJo with it he wouldn’t be quite so irritating. If you are struggling this lockdown (quite frankly who isn’t) I say carry this around with you and get spritzing. When I’m working in theatre I always have one of these in my dressing room to help me create a calm space before I go onstage. It’s da bomb.’

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4. Jessica Oram, Skincare Content Manager

‘I use the Liquid Yoga Spray every evening to help me wind down before going to sleep. The scent is so calming and relaxing and really helps my brain switch off after a long day. Before climbing into bed, I lightly spritz this calming pillow spray onto my pillows as well as a few spritzes around my bedroom to create an added sense of zen before I get my shut eye! It has definitely helped me to fall asleep quicker – I don’t think I could do my night-time routine without it now.’
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5. Heleayner Davies, Skincare Content Executive

‘I use my Liquid Yoga Spray whenever I feel like I need a little touch of zen and calm throughout the day. I often spritz this relaxing room spray around my office when I’m working from home and I’m feeling a little overwhelmed. The Peppermint and Eucalyptus essential oils really lift my spirits and revives my senses so that I feel restored and ready to carry on with my to-do list. I also love to spritz this relaxing spray onto my pillowcases and curtains before bed, as it fills the room with a beautifully calming scent and helps switch off my busy mind. This is the best lavender pillow spray and I honestly couldn’t be without it now!’

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6. @scentandstars

‘This product is made with plant-based ingredients and has an uplifting scent made from pure essential oils including Lavender, Peppermint and Lemon. It smells so nice, and helps me feel calm. I like to spray it on my bed and around my room before sleeping. It can be used as a body spray too! It has Cannabis Seed Oil infused in it and Cocoa Beans Extract, known for their calming and mood-uplifting qualities.’

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7. Natalie Kane, Brand Marketing Executive

‘I love to spritz Liquid Yoga Space Spray onto my pillow before I go to sleep. I am a light sleeper, but since using this calming bedtime spray I have been able to achieve a more peaceful night’s sleep. The Lavender essential oils and Cannabis Seed Oil calms my mind and allows my body to relax, so I drift off to sleep faster and awake feeling refreshed. I also love to give my clean bed sheets a light spritz to fill my room with the calming aroma throughout the day.’

Your Zen-Inducing Liquid Yoga Routine

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Heleayner Davies

Heleayner Davies

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