When you’re stressed, it may seem like the whole world is against you. But there are so many simple pleasures that can bring you back to earth. From work to daily life, even the smallest task can rumble your tranquil mind-set. We’re sure you’ve all heard it before, but spending a little time to relax really does make a difference! So, if you’re struggling to find a quiet moment, all you now need is 30 seconds to de-stress.

Our feel-good gurus are on hand to make every second count, so have a quick read and take 30 seconds…

Micro-Meditation Standing Body Scan

It doesn’t matter if you are a meditation novice or expert because this technique is easy to master. Although the standing body scan is best effective stood up (would you believe) it is possible to be practiced in your seat at work. All you have to do is work your way up from the tips of your toes to the top of your head isolating and relaxing each muscle. Sound more complicated than it actually is – go on give it a try RIGHT NOW! We dare you…

Focus on your tight shoulders then onto your eyebrows where tension holds onto. Visualise the negative energy leaving your body – before you know it the time will have ticked by, leaving you relaxed.

A good hug

We say you can tell a ‘good hugger’ in the first 10 seconds of meeting them – levitate toward them! There’s nothing better than a free hug to dissolve those weary woes. We all understand the awkwardness when a hug goes on that fraction to long, but embrace, give them a tight squeeze and feel the love!


At a joke, at a situation or at yourself… A little laughter can go a long way! Sometimes you’ve just got to remind yourself that everything’s going to be ok. Soon enough you’ll forget why you were stressed in the first place – it’s the perfect way to de-stress in 30 seconds!

Take a Belly Breath

Just like a singer is told to breathe from their diaphragm, so should you! If you’ve never heard of a ‘belly breath’ give it go now, feels rather strange at first but the deeper you breathe the more relaxed your body will become. In…… and out. In…… and out.

Liquid Yoga Space Spray

This is an instant mood changer! To be used anywhere and everywhere, this relaxing aroma will no doubt help to de-stress in 30 seconds. With lavender and chamomile extracts, let your senses take hold and enjoy. Why not pair this up with a belly breath, you’ll feel the stress disappear in no time!

If there’s anything in particular that you do to de-stress, share them with us! We’d love to hear all about them on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram!

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