Brighten Your Day: Healthy Tips To Starting Your Day Right

brighten your day

Mornings can be a difficult time of day for many people to get their day going or to begin productivity. The road to healthy skin starts with a healthy morning routine. When we take care of ourselves both mentally and physically it shows especially in our skin. Starting your day right can bring about many different benefits to your overall health. Here are six ways to help you start your days healthy and happy:

  1. Nourish Yourself and Your Skin

    Once you wake up from slumber nourishing yourself should be your number one priority. Keep a water bottle by your bed so that you can immediately drink some much needed water. This is helpful in aiding digestion as well as re-hydrates you from the lack of water during sleep. Keeping up this habit of drinking water in the morning can also lead to helping you to be more mindful about drinking water throughout the day, which can help with improving skin. Nourishing your skin right when you wake up from sleep also helps to keep your skin healthy and moisturised. Cleansing immediately is a great way to help wake yourself up and prep for the day. Following with a light moisturiser helps to keep skin hydrated and looking healthy throughout the day.

  2. Get Moving

    After being in a restful state for so long, nothing can get you prepped and ready for a long day like a morning exercise routine. Moving your body even for a few minutes in the morning can help you get in shape and can help your start your day in a happy mood. Studies have shown that regular exercise can help alleviate stress and help improve your overall mood. Starting your day with an exercise routine such as going for a run or an at-home yoga practice puts you in a better mood for the rest of your day.


  1. Wakeup To Happiness

    A simple way to make sure you start your day healthy and happy is to surround yourself with images and objects that can help you wake up to happiness. De-clutter your bedroom and decorate with things that you know will make you immediately happy such as flowers or photos of your friends and family. Having these reminders right away when you wake up is a great way to brighten up your day.

  2. Resist the Snooze Button

    While hitting the snooze button on your alarm can be tempting, it can actually do more damage than good. According to Health.com, hitting the snooze button and returning to sleep can actually make you feel more tired as it disrupts the sleep cycle. Instead, try going to bed earlier or moving your alarm clock away from your bed so that you are forced to get up and move. This can help you to actually wake up instead of falling asleep again.

  3. Meditate

    Meditation is an often recommended natural strategy to help with stress, anxiety, and depression. Practising meditation every morning can help you prepare mentally for the stresses of a long work day or school day. It can also help you start your day with a more mindful state of mind and allow you to handle stressful situation better.

  4. Start Journaling

    Keeping track of your daily activities is a great way to practice reflection and journaling can help you not only self-reflect but become more productive. Starting your day with some self-reflection or even just an entry about what you hope to accomplish that day can help you keep focus throughout the day.

Getting out of bed and starting your day right can be challenging if you are not a morning person. These tips can not only help you feel energised in the morning, but can also lead to a much healthier lifestyle.

Cassie Brewer

Cassie Brewer

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