Find the motivation to exercise when all you want to do is hibernate…

We all know that finding the motivation to exercise can be difficult at the best of times and it becomes even harder when the seasons start to turn and winter draws in.

When it’s cold and rainy all you want to do is get cosy and snuggle further down into your bed sheets, but giving in to this temptation can be detrimental to both your physical and mental wellbeing, not to mention it can reverse your year round hard work in the gym in a matter of weeks.

To keep you fit and healthy this Autumn, we’ve compiled a list of tips and tricks which help motivate us on even the laziest of days…

Find an exercise you enjoy doing

Exercise and enjoyment are two words which rarely find themselves in the same sentence, but with our passion for fitness stronger than ever before, the variety of workouts available to us is increasingly vast. If circuits or spin class aren’t your thing, why not do a bit of research and see what alternatives are available in your local area? One of our new-fangled faves is barre fitness; ballet inspired classes which pull inspiration from pilates, dance and yoga – we recommend checking out Barrecore who have studios in London, Bristol, Manchester and Leeds.

Pack your gym bag the night before

This one sounds simple but trust us, it can make a world of difference. It’s hard enough to drag yourself out of bed when it’s still dark outside and sometimes leaving the house in itself can use up all of the energy you’re capable of mustering. 7am you is pretty good at finding reasons not to workout but if your gym bag is prepacked and waiting by the door, those excuses become a lot harder to fabricate.

Get a gym buddy

Finding a friend who will workout with you is, in our opinion, the most effective motivator of all. Driving home from work, rain beating down on your windscreen – that body pump class is becoming less appealing by the minute right? But cue a text from your gym buddy checking up on your ETA and you’re all of a sudden refocused on going. This is because exercising with someone else draws on your natural competitive instinct; no one wants to be left behind, especially when it comes to something we can dictate ourselves.  




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