Bored of the usual gym routine? So are we! We’re on a mission to mix up our structured regimes and step out of our comfort zone by trying out the latest fitness trends.

Keeping fit is a challenge especially if you work in an office. Being sat down all day can reduce productivity and actually increase stress levels. We believe that taking 30 minutes out of your day to solely focus on you is essential. We often spend this time listening to our favourite songs while spinning or jogging – the usual workouts.

Lately it seems as though a new fitness trend pops up every week or so. Over the last year we’ve seen a rise in women taking part in organised fitness activities and we love it! From pole fitness to obstacle endurance courses, there are so many different ways to exercise that it’s almost too hard to choose!

Take a look at what fitness trends we think are set to be BIG in 2016.


Whether you’re pounding a punch bag or skipping to a beat, boxing training is something that all women should try at least once. Although boxing is already a regular feature on many gym class timetables, we don’t think it’s appreciated enough! The full body workout will help tone and sculpt those underlying muscles. Plus it’ll help you release any built up stress and tension leaving you feeling sore on the outside but fabulous on the inside!


If you thought that ballet was for children, think again! This is the latest fitness trend to be sweeping women off their feet and into the studio. Forget the tutu because this workout will tap into those core muscles and have you working hard from the get-go. Our friends over at Sleek Technique offer beginner classes that you can even take at home!

Running clubs

Love to run? It seems that this year, running clubs are attracting more and more members, especially women! We love that you are all coming together to encourage one another and push yourselves. Also if you’re worried about running alone, this is the perfect solution.

Outdoor Boot camp

Whether it’s first thing in the morning or as the sun sets, boot camps will push you to the limit at a much smaller cost than a personal trainer. Sometimes the gym is uninspiring so why not take your workout outside for once – who knows maybe you’ll love it!


Never heard of a fitcation? Neither had we, but these holidays are becoming increasingly popular. If you find exercise lets you escape from the real world, then why not give it go.

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