The World’s Best Yoga Retreats

The World’s Best Yoga Retreats

As the pressures of modern life continue to mount, the days can appear to blur into a complicated haze of ever increasing responsibility and commitment. In response to this, public demand for mindfulness is at an all-time high, as people crave escapism and recuperation.

Whilst yoga has existed for thousands of years, the wealth of retreats available seems to have blossomed in recent years, with escapes available in every corner of the world. With so much choice, it can be super hard to know which is right for you, so we’ve summarised with five of the world’s best yoga retreats, to help you find your personal paradise.

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Yoga Retreat & Creative Resort, Ithaca, Greece

There is a reason that Itha108 is frequently cited as one of the world’s best yoga retreats. Nestled on the azure blue shores of Ithica, one of the smallest Ionian Islands, it is a wellness haven that combines the enchanting mythical history of ancient greece with the allure of simplistic modernism. The resort seamlessly blends both indoor and outdoor living, with Mongolian yurts scattered between wild oak trees and a main house which overlooks idyllic Kefalonia.

Retreats run between May and October with a variety of different international yoga teachers offering week long escapes. Visit their website to browse the range of different experiences available and immerse yourself in the Ionian luxury that the retreat inspires.



Sri Lanka

This small Sri Lankan village has been a retreat for thousands of years. Set between low mountains, a lotus ringed lake and paddy fields, the endless scenery is guaranteed to enchant guests, instantly instilling a sense of calm and fulfilment in those who visit. Tropical flowers surround the jungle based huts in which visitors stay, as well an abundance of awe inspiring wildlife.

Ulpotha is a traditional rice growing village, and as such is only open to guests for certain months of the year, typically between November and March and June and August. The retreats are fortnightly and are run by a plethora of well-respected yogis, each offering a different styles. As well as yoga, Ulpotha has a resident Ayuerveda doctor, as well as massage therapists and chefs, ensuring that all your physical and spiritual needs are catered for.


The Sharpham Trust

Devon, England

If you’re looking for one of the world’s best yoga retreats, yet don’t want to stray too far from home, worry not. The Sharpham Trust is a charity which utilises the grandeur of old England to instil consciousness, compassion and eco-awareness in modern day Brits. The trust aims to “connect people with nature and foster mindfulness and well-being” through a programme of retreats and courses. Set in the quintessentially British Sharpham Estate, acres of picturesque green land will charm and captivate all who visit, seeming worlds away from the dreary cityscapes which have come to dominate the UK.

The trust offers a multitude of different courses, ranging from 1 day introductions to mindfulness to 6 night meditation retreats. Choose from a menu that includes retreats based in the vast stately home, the onsite barn or woodland based yurts. Whatever your preference, The Sharpham Trusts offers true tranquillity on your doorstep.


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White Lotus Foundation

Santa Barbara, California

Founded by Ganga White, one of America’s yoga pioneers, the White Lotus Foundation has been a well established destination for wellness retreats for many years now. Set in the Santa Barbara mountains, the retreat aims to bring “an awakening of intelligence that is free of dependencies and romantic beliefs”, ensuring individuals are “ready to meet the accelerating challenges of the 21st century.”

It caters to both yoga teachers and practitioners, offering a range of activities that include yoga classes, mountain hikes, nature meditations and wild swimming. Rest your head in one of the enchanting yurts or indoor lodges, or if preferred, camp under the mystical Californian sky.


Blue Osa

Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica

This eco-resort is a true tropical paradise and its location alone makes it a key contender for one of the world’s best yoga retreats. Start the day with a morning silence, then get involved with Himalayan chants to channel an authentic sense of self-awareness. Practise yoga in one of the multiple spaces provided, from the Ganesh temple to the re-birth labyrinth, the Buddha statue to the various shrines. Blue Osa provides guests with an opportunity to immerse themselves in yoga and meditative practise in whichever way they find most beneficial.



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