Why Autumn is the best season to kick-start your fitness routine…

There’s no doubt about it, Autumn is one of our favourite times of year. The air turns fresh and crisp, the leaves change colour and the cosiness of winter starts to set in.

It’s also the perfect season to start your fitness routine – we’ve been chatting to IdealFit’s Dominique Durant who’s here to tell us why:

Perfect Weather

Whilst here in the UK it’s almost impossible to predict the weather, Autumn temperatures can typically be perfect for taking your workout outside. There’s nothing better than Autumn runs through the park or taking the dog for a brisk walk. Getting outside for just 10 minutes per day is the perfect way to unwind and clear your head of life’s daily stresses, so that you can concentrate on you and your fitness goals.

Perfect Time to Establish Good Habits

Creating good habits doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time and the slightest hiccup can send you off track. By starting your fitness routine in Autumn, you give yourself enough time to establish a sustainable regime before the excitement of the festive season kicks in. By doing this you’re more likely to achieve and maintain results, so you can rock your lean, toned physique all year round!

Why not kick-start your fitness routine with IdealFit’s 15 Day Challenge? It will give you all the tools you need to start your fitness and nutrition journey, plus direct support from the IdealFit trainers themselves!

Seasonal Produce

Whilst exercise is important in keeping us fit, your diet plays the most important role in staying in shape. So, why not take advantage of the amazing produce that Autumn brings. Fluffy cauliflowers, sweet parsnips, crunchy carrots – Autumn /winter harvests the tastiest bunch of nutrient-rich fruit and veg for you to experiment in the kitchen and create warming winter dishes.

The Gym Crowd Starts to Thin

As the craziness of summer starts to settle, all of a sudden you find yourself in the middle of an empty gym. You no longer have to wait to use the machines or get disappointed because spin class is already booked up. This is your opportunity to try all different types of fitness and find out what works for you!

Kickstart your fitness journey this Autumn with IdealFit’s 15 Day Challenge.

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