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How to get the most out of your shower routine

It’s time to upgrade your shower routine. Just like the skin on your face, your body deserves so much more than just soap and water. Especially as the weather starts warms and there may be a little bit extra skin on show, spending an extra 5 minutes in the shower can really transform your skin with minimal effort.

Body brush and prep

A skin enhancing phenomenon, and rightly so, body brushing is one of the easiest ways to step up your shower routine and leave you with skin worthy of a Kardashian. Famed for its multitude of benefits, just 5 minutes of the Ayurvedic practice of body brushing can help you to reduce the appearance of cellulite, increase blood circulation, reduce water retention, and exfoliate ingrown hairs.

For the most effective results, we recommend using your body brush on dry skin before you jump in the shower. But if your skin is on the more sensitive side, body brushing on wet skin can be equally effective.

How to body brush effectively

When it comes to body brushing, there are a few common practices to follow to get the most out of your routine.

  1. Always brush upwards in the direction of your heart. Just as you would avoid dragging the skin on your face downwards, make sure you brush in upwards motions. Work your way up the body towards your heart, keeping the brush strokes vertical when you get to your chest and neck, so not to pull down on the skin.
  2. Body brush in circular motions. Use swift, circular motions over your skin to stimulate the blood flow to the surface of the skin. Increased blood flow can help with numerous skincare concerns, including achieving the coveted ‘glow’ and reducing acne. Stimulated blood flow stimulation helps the body to eliminate toxins, so is great for those who suffer from pesky ‘bacne’.
  3. You should be firm when body brushing. This may take a little while to get used to, but when body brushing, the best results come when you use a firmer pressure then you think you should. You want body brushing to feel like it’s actually stimulating the skin rather than just a little tickle. Don’t be alarmed if you’re left slightly pink afterwards.

Cleanse and mask

It’s time to hop in the shower and really get this bodycare party started. Body masks are bodycare’s unsung hero for beautiful glowing skin. Acne and clogged pores aren’t just limited to the face, especially if you live in a highly polluted area or love a sweat-session at the gym. Using a cleanser that contains declogging ingredients such as Clay and Matcha Tea will help to extract any trapped dirt or sweat from pores and Witch Hazel’s anti-bacterial powers will help to reduce inflammation and keep pores fresh.

Clay Away Body Cleanser and Mask can be used as part of your shower routine as a quick cleanse in the shower when applied to wet skin. Or for a deeper cleanse, apply all over and leave for 5 minutes before rinsing off under the shower.

Exfoliate and glow

Once or twice a week, it’s important to give yourself a good scrub to help buff away dead skin cells and any product build-up. It’s important to use an exfoliator that contains both a physical exfoliator and a natural, chemical exfoliator. Don’t be scared of chemical exfoliators, especially ones derived from natural ingredients. Using both physical and chemical exfoliators will leave your skin with it’s most gorgeous glow yet.

Heavenly Body Radiance Scrub contains physical Rock Salt Particles to gently buff away dead skin cells, dirt and sweat from the surface of the skin to help the Bitter Orange Peel Extract to work harder deeper in the skin. Containing a potent shot Vitamin C, Bitter Orange Extract injects an extra glow-boost to your body. Formulated with Natural Almond and Coconut Oils, Heavenly Body leaves your skin nourished, radiant and smooth with an intense boost of hydration.

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

Did you know the best time to apply your body butter is fresh out of the shower when your skin is still damp?

Applying your hydrator this way is a great way of locking in extra moisture and keeping your skin hydrated, nourished and glowing. Using a body butter rich in Omegas will help not only with the hydration of the skin but also help to maintain the skin’s elasticity and keep the skin looking strong and young.

Future Proof Body Butter is rich in Sweet Almond Oil and Blueberry Seed Extract, ingredients naturally rich in Omegas 3, 6 and 9, perfect for maintaining skin strength and keeping your skin firm and hydrated.

See, for an extra few minutes in the shower, you can really achieve your best skin yet. Treat this routine as a weekly ‘me-moment’ to turn off, relax and truly indulge in some self-care.

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