5 Ways To Boost Your Self Confidence

And no, we don’t mean turn into a raging narcissist; we’re talking about being comfortable in the skin you’re in and realising how fabulous you really are! The best way to feel confident about yourself is to learn to love the person you are, inside and out. After all, how do you expect anyone else to love you if you don’t even love yourself?

So, in order for you to have true self confidence, we’ve come up with 5 ways to help you boost your self confidence, and realise that your imperfections are your perfections!

Pick at the positives

It would be easy for us all to look in the mirror and point out all the things we hate about ourselves, we all do it! Instead, look in the mirror and notice the things other people would love to have! Do you have a big bum? Kim Kardashian eat your heart out! Strong legs? Beautiful eyes? Think of the things you’ve been complimented on before, people don’t just compliment for no reason, they do it because they’ve noticed! So love what your momma gave you and embrace the fabulousness of being a woman!

Speak up

Let your voice be heard, even if it’s in your personality to be a wallflower at times, it’s important you get your point across particularly with things you feel passionate about. And don’t worry that your opinion might not be ‘right’, that’s exactly why it’s called an opinion it’s your personal thoughts. So, as long as they’re within reason express your opinion and let your voice be heard, whether it’s in the workplace or at home. People will have much more respect and will start to really listen to what you have to say.

Use your strengths

Focus on what makes you unique, particularly in your workplace or role, and don’t let your weaknesses get you down. Instead, work on them and try every day to improve more and more on what you feel you struggle with. And never be afraid to ask, no matter what position you’re in or what it is you’re finding difficult there’ll always be someone whose strengths are your weaknesses and vice versa. One day there’ll be something someone else struggles with that you can step in and give a helping hand.

Dress for success

They say to dress for the job you want not for the job you have, but maybe don’t turn up to the office in a bikini and angel wings! Dress to impress, it’s a form of politeness to make an effort and also shows you take your job seriously. Also, dressing well will give you that extra confidence boost, and automatically put you on a pedastool in your workplace. You still need to feel comfortable, but making that extra bit of effort in the mornings will give you a little kick for the rest of the day knowing you look and feel your best.

Be kind

Being kind is simple. It takes a lot more effort to store hatred or anger and also it’s just as easy to say ‘thank you’ than to not. It will make you feel better about yourself and will also make others have a good impression, which will in turn give you a boost of confidence. So be kind and have confidence, and everything else will fall into place!

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