Summer Survival Guide

While some people are enjoying BBQs, catching some rays on the beach and light evening drinks, others are dreaming of a less sweaty commute, staring longingly out of the office window whilst sitting under an air conditioning unit blowing out at -10 degrees.

I know –life’s not fair, but whatever your plans are this summer we’re on hand to help you keep your cool when the temperatures rises.

Don’t be a-peeling

Keeping your chest, shoulders and head covered in the sun will help to reduce the impact of sun of your body. Even using moisturiser or make-up with SPF can go a long way in protecting your skin in the summer. We recommend using sun cream with SPF 30+, as well as high UVA protection (around 3 tablespoons should be enough for your whole body).

Remember, you should always apply your sun cream before you get out into the sun, and then reapply at least every two hours –and not just when it’s sunny, you can still burn when it’s cloudy (doesn’t everyone parents have a story about this?).

Once you have burnt and damaged your skin, it will be more prone to future damage, so make sure you protect your skin. Studies have shown that avoid sun damage can make you look up to 20 years younger later in life, we knew our summer survival guide would be useful, 30 is the new 50!

Fight the FOMO

FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) hits hard when summer comes. When it feels like all of your friends are jetting off for two weeks of summer fun, it can leave you feeling a little down in the dumps. Don’t let the FOMO get the better of you – organise a summer running club with your friends or an evening meal out.

Just because you aren’t on holiday doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the nice weather and socialising. The lighter nights open up the options of what you can do in the evenings, so take advantage of it!

Avoid sand-paper skin

Along with sunburn, pressurised aeroplane air and typically British inconsistent weather conditions; air conditioning is one of the biggest factors to consider for dry skin in the summer. Air conditioning removes moisture from the air, lowering skins resistance and drying out the cells on the surface of your skin.

Whatever the reason for your summer dry skin, follow our summer survival guide and you can soothe your skin by making simple changes within your daily routine. Swap hot steamy showers for short warm showers that don’t dry out your skin, and wash with gentle products that aren’t harsh on your skin. Our QuickStart Shower Gel is cleansing, brightening and nourishing, free of sodium Laureth Sulphate and other harsh chemicals, it won’t strip your skin of moisture and is full of natural ingredients that won’t irritate your skin.

Of course, daily moisturising will go a long way in avoiding sand-paper skin – shop our moisturising miracles now. 

Don’t ditch the gym

When the sun comes out, we get the urge to ditch the gym and head to a bar for a refreshing mojito –unfortunately, this isn’t recommended. Drinking instead of going the gym may lead to unwanted side effects including (but not limited to) loss of fitness, loss of motivation and horrible hangovers.

Whilst summer might leave you not wanting to spend your time took indoors at the gym, head to the local park for a run, or try an outdoor game of tennis. Try signing up for an event, this will help to keep you motivated and training over the seasons. If you are working out outdoors be sure to wear SPF and stay hydrated.

Swap cocktails for mocktails

A couple of cocktails may seem relatively risk free, but bear in mind that when the sun is out your body will become dehydrated. Alcohol has diuretic effects, so gets rid of water out of your body. Mocktails (alcohol free cocktails) are a nice, fruity alternative and are becoming more widely available in bars. If you do fancy a few alcoholic drinks, try alternating between, an alcoholic drink and a drink of water; this will help your body to retain water and stay hydrated.

Also, being dehydrated in the sun increases your risk of sunstroke and overheating –so it’s really important for your well-being to stay hydrated.


We hope our summer survival guide will help to get you through this summer, whatever your plans may be. Share your summer with us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter @MioSkincare

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