We want it all. The high powered career, a healthy lifestyle and an optimum work-life balance; but ultimately there are only 24 hours in the day. We need to increase productivity day-to-day.

The pressure on the modern day woman to pursue a rewarding and successful career is huge, and can often leave us feeling tired and making excuses to by-pass the gym. Unfortunately, your excuses are about to be blown out of the water as we reveal the different ways exercise can improve your career and increase productivity. It’s time to get moving and starting to think of exercise as a help, rather than a hindrance, to enhancing your career. Maybe we can have it all after all?


Now we know you have heard this one before –but listen up; it’s not a myth! Exercise increases blood flow to the brain, increasing your level of concentration, ability to focus, even improving your memory and leaving you feeling more energetic and productive.


Anxiety is now considered an epidemic for many countries across the world. It can leave individuals feeling over whelmed and unable to cope. Exercise releases mood-boosting and stress depleting hormones, leaving you relaxed, motivated and able to do a great job!


Regular exercise is proven to strengthen your immune system, keeping you on top-form and less likely to be struck down by illnesses like colds or flu. Longer term, keeping your body healthy and well exercised will prevent more serious conditions such as obesity, diabetes and heart disease, amongst many, many others –so you can have a long and fulfilling career.


Feeling unproductive, stressed and unhappy at work can bring stress into your free time, so you feel like you are always working, leaving you anti-social and resentful about it! Exercising will help to reduce the stress you feel, and increase productivity in work and therefore, more likely to socialise out of work, contributing to be better work-life balance. Perhaps taking a class at the gym or joining a running club will give your social life a boost, and could even offer a networking opportunity. And if you just can’t tear yourself away from the office, try dragging your colleagues along to a class or a brisk walk on your lunch hour. They can increase productivity too!

A highly motivated, healthier, happier, less-stressed and more productive you? What’s not to love! And you can be sure, your employer will agree.

Writer and expert