How To Create an At Home Party Ready Pedi

We’ve all been there, desperate to get home from a night out just because our feet feel like they’re about to fall off. Coming up to Christmas season, wearing high heels is going to become a little more of a regular occurrence and it’s a sacrifice we all have to make.

We wake up and our poor little tootsies are not a pretty sight. So we’ve come up with the perfect at home pedicure for your poor party feet.

Firstly, fill a large bowl full of warm water, and add in some mio Liquid Yoga Bath Soak. It contains Epson salts which are a traditional and effective remedy for inflammation, so it will help soothe aching feet and it smells delicious.

Dip your feet into the bowl for a good 10 minutes, and give them a little massage (or if you’re lucky enough, get your partner to give them a good old rub) then pat down with a towel.

Clip your nails in a straight line and push down your cuticles with a cuticle pusher, the steam from the hot water should make this easy to do.

Then apply some Lucky Legs Gel and rub all over your feet and ankles. It will soothe and cool down sore, swollen feet! Massage in properly moving your hands in upwards motions to help push any water retention away from your ankles.

Next, polish your toes and apply a top coat, our favourite is the Nails inc 45 second Top Coat, then leave to dry.

Et voila! Your feet will be party-ready once more. Christmas parties we’re coming for you!


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